You can use apps that guard your phone’s battery use, or set your phone to thrift mode, or activate airplane mode, or kill apps in the background.

Or you can get a power bank. This one.

You don’t want a big, squarish, bulky, heavy, ugly-looking, power bank, believe me. But you do want something that can at least charge your phone or tablet twice. Also, it wouldn’t hurt for that ideal power bank to slide easily into pockets – in your jacket, you bag’s side pouch, or in your pants’ back pocket.

All these plus a cool color selection is what the Ekopak 13000 mAh Power Bank (Green) is about. You can definitely walk around clutching it and your phone, which is the norm, because this power bank isn’t gargantuan. One edge is curved and the sides are textured for comfy holding. And it has two USB ports for shared simultaneous charging – 2.1A and 1.2A.

The contents of the Ekopak 13000 mah Power Bank’s box are self-explanatory. Power bank, charging cable, related literature. Connect USB end of cable to power bank, connect the micro USB tip to your phone or tablet. You’re on.

13,000 mAh is slightly above most power banks I see with other tech bloggers, who often lug around 10,400 mAh ones. Thing is if you’re going to rely on a pocketable power bank for long trips, or in my case, for multiple event coverages, you can’t afford to run out of juice. Remember that power banks need charging, too, and this one won’t run out of juice immediately. Even if my LG G3 is power hungry on its own, and my wife now and again needs to juice up her Huawei Honor 6 and Rapoo S500 Headphones (see below).

Ekopak 13000 mah Power Bank, Huawei Honor 6

I love the minimalist design – nothing fancy, curves into your hand, self-contained look, easy to hold and to stash and to bring out. I like the green one. But there are two more colors, black and pink, to suit your fancy. The Ekotek 13000 mAh Power Bank sells for P1,949.00 at



  • Good capacity, enough for two hungry phones for an entire day of heavy use. That means your power-hungry Android tablet (because of all the games and movies) will need this.
  • Two ports for simultaneous charging: 2.1A and 1.2A, the former for hungry tablets and high end phones, the latter for not so hungry devices. I often plug in my LG G3 to the 2.1A port, because mine is a power hungry phone. But I can always share charging. This beats any single port power bank if only because you can avoid the take-turns charging scenario: just plug in both devices at the same time.
  • Round and good-to-hold physical design. Unlike bulky squarish power banks, you’ll notice you’ll be reaching for this more often compared to your other power banks. It’s not the smallest power bank there is, but the large capacity plus good ergonomics mean that you’ll be frequently using this. Say no to cheap power tiny capacity banks, please.
  • The Ekopak 13000 mAh Power Bank slides easily into pouches and pockets. Its long form makes it easy to distinguish, by touch, in a bag when you’re in the dark. In a bag’s side pouch, for example, it’s easy to store and pull out.
  • Micro USB tip is a little tight, not so easy to plug in, which means that it won’t fall off easily. I like this since I’m usually taking pictures with my phone while it’s being charged, which brings us to…
  • Long enough and non-flimsy charging cable, enough for the power bank to be in my side or back pocket or in my bag and yet I have enough cable slack to use the phone. But of course, I being greedy, I want a longer cable. But that’s just me.
  • Because of the slight heft, you’ll notice if you forgot to pack this away, because your bag or your pocket gets noticeably lighter. By how it looks, and because your hand takes a liking to it, chances are you won’t leave it behind. That’s good.
  • Three colors. Green, Black, and Pink.

Ekopak 13000 mah Power Bank, Huawei Honor 6, MyPhone Uno

The Huawei Honor 6 and not so power hungry budget phone, the MyPhone Uno, being charged at the same time.


  • Doesn’t have a LED lamp to be used as flashlight, unlike other power banks.
  • You wish the charging cable was longer, but that’s only your greed talking. You can get cables for cheap elsewhere.



Ekopak 13000 mAh Power Bank Green, Power Bank, LG G3

Buy it. It’s good. Right now, this is my new favorite go-to power bank. My LG G3 (above) and I can’t be happier. You can check out the Ekopak 13000 mAh Power Bank (Green) via the links below:

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