I have this grudging respect for this squarish, slightly bulky power bank. Because: it works as promised. The Yoobao Master Power Bank M4 10400mAh (White) works so well we have three at home.


  • Rounder corners compensate for the Mac Mini-like physique. It fits in your hand so it’s easy to pick up and throw in your bag or slide into your pocket. Just don’t drop it on your foot. The plastic is also nice to touch.
  • White color highlights minimalist design: there’s just the flat-ish box and the charging cable. Plugging in a device triggers charging. No power button to click on to activate charging.
  • LED indicator levels are accurate.
  • LED torch is very useful. In the dark, when you can’t find stuff, like the charging cable or your phone or your purse, the lamp really shines. Pun intended.
  • Two charging ports instead one just one.

Yoobao Master Power Bank M4 10400mAh, Huawei Honor 6, Lenovo Vibe Z

If you rely on a phone-headphones combo like the above – the Rapoo S500 Bluetooth Headphones and Huawei Honors 6 – you might need a reliable power bank.


  • Slight heft. When in your pocket, you can definitely feel it. Better stow it in your bag.
  • You wish the charging cable was longer.
  • White color entails getting scuffs and smears. I often clean it with a moist microfiber cloth.
  • Dual port simultaneous charging works as advertised, but only with phones needing only 1A to charge. Power hungry phones like the LG G3 and tablets require the 2A port. So if you connect another power-hungry phone to the 1A port, you either get slow charging or the phone tells you that charging gets disconnected now and again. This is not as bad as it sounds, as you can switch the unit plugged into 1A into airplane mode or turn it off so it can charge faster.

Yoobao Master Power Bank M4 10400mAh, Huawei Honor 6, Lenovo Vibe Z

Yeah, this Power Bank can handle phablets: behind, left to right: LG G Pro 2 and the Lenovo Vibe Z.


It’s reliable, the LED battery indicators are accurate, and the LED lamp comes in handy when the lights are out and you need to charge your phone or tablet. It’s small enough to fit in any bag and the dual port charging, within limits, delivers. But you can’t help but wonder if there are slimmer power banks out there, something easier to hold, and two of them come to mind:

Yoobao Master Power Bank M4 10400mAh, Mi 10400 mAh Power Bank

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh and the Ekopak 13000 mAh Power Bank. The former only has a single charging port, which is fine if you rarely share power banks. Also, it’s easier to hold and is way cheaper at P645.00, but good luck ordering one (it’s usually out of stock, because of the demand). Now, the Ekopak 13000 mAh Power Bank is also easier to hold but is bigger, slightly heavier, is a tab more expensive, but if you rely on power hungry devices like an LG G3, the Ekopack 13000 mAh might be better suited for you.

Yoobao Master Power Bank M4 10400mAh

Point is the Yoobao Master Power Bank M4 10400mAh  is sufficient and reliable, but it’s not the best-looking or comfiest-to-hold power bank around.

Still, as a statement to its reliability, we have three of these at home. One for me, one for my wife, and one as back up. Sometimes prudence beats fashion.

Buy it on Lazada: Yoobao Master Power Bank M4 10400mAh (White).

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