Huawei Honor 6 First Impressions


We’re going to review one of the best smartphones on the market – the Huawei Honor 6.

Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Honor 6 Specs, Huawei Honor 6 Price

At Php13,990, the Honor 6’s glass on glass build calls to mind the Sony Xperia Z3, but with an iPhone 4s-like body. Quick specs: 5″ full HD display, a speedy octa-core Kirin 920 chip, hefty 3GBs of RAM, and it’s LTE-ready.

Here are our first impressions:

  • The Honor 6 feels good in your hand. Right now, I’m grabbing it more often than my own LG G3.
  • The display is sharp, images crisp, details vivid, viewing angles excellent.
  • Solid heft in your hand, no creasing, nothing about it feels cheap, despite the price that competes with local high end phones.
  • Every time you wake up the Honor 6, a gorgeous welcome screen wallpaper (a la Windows Phone) greets you, thereby showcasing how vivid, alive, and wonderful the display is. This has elicited many sudden glances and long stares from strangers.
  • Apps load in a snap, as do webpages (by that I mean the links shared in Facebook).
  • If you’ve been using a phablet, you might suddenly reconsider going back to a comfy 5 incher.

Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Honor 6 Specs, Huawei Honor 6 Price , LG G3

The Honor 6 is shorter, narrower, and thinner but no less display impressive as the LG G3.

What we suspect this early:

  • When it comes to the resolved detail of images and color accuracy, the Honor 6 might give the LG G2, and even the LG G3, a run for its money. That says a lot, because my back up event coverage camera is the LG G3.
  • The front camera will take splendid selfies – even panoramic selfies – that may beat Huawei’s other devices (the Ascend P7 and Mate 7).

Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Honor 6 Specs, Huawei Honor 6 Price

Deni Villanueva – our model since the Huawei Ascend P6 – enjoys a selfie with her boyfriend, Christopher.

Huawei Honor 6, Huawei Honor 6 Specs, Huawei Honor 6 Price

We’ll get back to you with a full review, plus successive posts about, the Huawei Honor 6. This is one capable Android with a superb display, and (I suspect) an incredible camera.

The Honor 6 is available at Lazada.

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