Microsoft has announced a foldable version of their OS-neutral Bluetooth keyboard: the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. Yep, that’s the full name. As with the previous, this one is full-sized (no cramped typing), rechargeable (no hoarding of batteries), and can pair via Bluetooth with two mobile devices simultaneously: say an iPhone and an Android tablet/phablet, or a Windows phone and a Windows tablet. I’ve always wanted a decent foldable keyboard for typing drafts on my LG G3. This one looks to be it.

The Universal Foldable Keyboard is thin, foldable, and magnetically locked (no physical locking mechanism to get ruined). It comes with a keyboard layout devoid of the Windows button (replaced with a Home button, because: platform agnostic). The keys’ font, look, and feel are all Windows Surface keyboard-inspired. It charges via a micro USB slot and is said to have about three months’ of battery life (but a power bank also works). Spill and dirt-resistant: check. Oh I am loving this more as the features are revealed. Anyway….

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard has been priced at $99.95. It fits in your bag or front pants pocket and you can really just whip this out and set it on a tablet and type away. Sadly, this keyboard doesn’t have a stand on which to rest your phone or tablet, and it’s the only complaint one could think of.

The Universal Foldable Keyboard is, as of this writing, not yet available.


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