For the very first time, Apollo Petroleum Jelly is co-presenting the first leg of the highly anticipated Bike Run 2020 events, aptly named the Apollo Petroleum Jelly TRI 2020. Happening this February 23 at Subic Bay, this event will unite triathlon athletes from throughout the country for an exciting day of swimming, biking, and running. The Apollo Petroleum Jelly TRI 2020 is a great venue for athletes put test their limits, to eventually break their boundaries and ultimately better themselves.

Apollo Petroleum Jelly TRI 2020 is the most sought-after opening race for the season as the triathletes are eager to get out of off-season mode. There will be two distances and five categories at the Apollo Petroleum Jelly TRI 2020. The Sprint distance involves a 1.5Km swim, a 40Km bike ride, and a 10Km run, while the Standard distance will see triathletes taking on a 750m swim, a 20Km bike ride, and a 5Km run. The categories include individual (Standard and Sprint) and relay (Standard Distance only), which have sub-categories, namely all-men, all-women, and mixed team. 

Widely known as a staple in every Filipino’s household, Apollo Petroleum Jelly is an athlete’s secret weapon. It can help lubricate skin areas that are predisposed to chafing, perfect for triathletes who has constant contact between skin, clothing and footwear during their races. The best part is that Apollo Petroleum Jelly is exceptionally easy to use. To use Apollo Petroleum Jelly, one simply needs to apply on the skin area of choice and rub liberally. For optimum usage, apply to areas prone to chafing, such as the shoulders, arm pits, nipples, underarms, feet, lower back or hips, butt cheeks, inner thighs, and the groin area.

Proof that excellent quality need not be expensive, Apollo Petroleum Jelly starts at PHP29.50 for 25 grams, and goes up to PHP 142.00 for 200 grams. Apollo Petroleum Jelly is available in Mercury Drug, and other leading drugstores and other retail stores nationwide.

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