We all know that that the cost to have internet here in the Philippines is high. It’s all about knowing what fits your lifestyle.

Globe’s newest plans are for speed. Definitely not for gamers or for those working from home and need to download a lot of work-related files. Games like World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls need to be downloaded, plus the updates. For sure, any gamer will hit Globe’s data caps. But for those who use their internet for emails, browsing, research or social networking, speed is more important.

Globe Plans 2015

We have a platinum account with Globe at plan 3999 with 15mbps speed. I called the customer service department earlier today to clarify if I automatically will get an increase in speeds.  The new plans would give us a 25mbps speed with a cap of 100GB. The guy I talked to said that I would need to specifically request for the change before any changes are made.  He clarified that current accounts will not have any data caps unless they request that they be upgraded to the new plans.

The question now is: Do I want the unlimited download, which I don’t think I need, or do I go with speed? We haven’t decided yet.

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