The LG G3 is set to launch this July 1, and we can’t wait. We have a hands-on review here, but in the meantime, let’s go over LG’s video on the five key features of its cameras.


Tap to focus and tap to shoot in one gesture


When you touch-to-focus on a part of the screen, the same touch captures the moment. No need for a separate physical shutter key or on-screen button.

Laser-guided very fast auto focus


Turns out the laser at the back of the LG G3 serves to measure distance between sensor and object and relays that info to the camera software, instead of the usual blurry-image-coming-into-clear-focus followed by the snapshot. It all happens instantaneously.

OIS+ plus Dual Flash make for amazing low light shots


OIS = Optical Image Stabilization, or the way the camera sensor adjusts to shaky hands while taking a shot. The OIS on the LG G2 was already pretty good, good enough for me to take awesome low and unevenly lit concert shots. A refined OIS+ on the G3 combined with Dual Flash should make for some surprising low light shots, including tricky low light indoor group portraits you’d usually have to use an ugly flash on.

Clearer selfies plus gesture-activated timer

Selfies in low light or when you’re behind a light source have always been a nightmare. Plus you usually can’t crank up the ISO or go into Night shot on the front camera. LG’s answer, first introduced on the G Pro 2, G2 Mini, and the L Series III, is the flash for selfie. Or the use of the screen as a source of diffused white light – diffused, so you won’t look like a pale corpse.


And then there’s the hand gesture. When you present your open hand and make a fist, the LG G3 selfie cam app recognizes that and triggers a timed shot. If you’ve been taking selfies, you know this is a good thing. Because you won’t go into that tap timed shot and then move the phone at arms length and pull up that pose. Instead, frame the shot, make a fist, pose. So comfy. I would like to test this on a selfie stick, personally.

Magic Focus


With this you can adjust the focal point or the clear part of a shot with the rest in a blurred state. LG introduced this on the LG G Pro 2, and is popular in Nokia Lumias; and in some slightly DIY way, it’s present in Google Camera App. But LG’s implementation, as you’ve seen in the video, is smooth, quick, and easy.

The LG G3 is launching on July 1 but you can pre-order yours now. We encourage you to purchase from authorized sellers to avail of the local warranty.


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