Meet the Ravpower Filehub, a media streamer, back up device, wireless router, wireless repeater, and 6000 mAh power bank all rolled into one.

We’ll be ready with our full review soon, but meanwhile, out of the box, here’s what we think.

The Filehub comes in a tiny box, so the unit is even tinier. In the box are items you’d expect from a standard power bank – unit, charging cable, related literature – and this hides what this baby can do. Even if you don’t check out the ports – there’s a micro SD card slot and a LAN port – the indicator lights tell you this is no mere portable battery.

Here are the possible advantages of the Filehub, which we will test and post in our full review:

  • Media Streamer. You can plug in a USB drive or insert a micro SD card filled with your favorite shows so you can watch them on your mobile device. No more boring long commutes. This beats buying an expensive portable hard drive that can also stream its contents to your device.
  • Back up Device. You can back up your your pics and vids to an external or micro SD card via an iOS or Android App.
  • Wireless Router. Sometimes the hotel you’re in or the house you visited only has a LAN cable and no WiFi. Problem solved. The Filehub can act as a wireless router, allowing 5 devices to connect simultaneously. So if your router at home dies – falls to the floor because of your cat – this small, tiny, miniscule, beautiful thing can replace it. Same thing when power is out and you need to stay online, the Filehub powers itself, unlike your home’s router, so work and play continues.
  • Wireless Repeater. Should the wireless signal where you are (whether you’re in your fave coffee shop or in a room in your house far from the router), the Filehub can extend the signal further to where you are. Offices are going to like this. No need for IT to reposition the router or boost it with Lifehacked aluminum foil, or for workers to move closer to the router.
  • Power Bank. At 6000 mAh, this power bank is no slouch. So it can, on a full charge, recharge your phone twice if yours is not as power hungry, like a tablet or an LG G3.  But for the most part, the Filehub excels in, well, being a file hub.

So instead of buying several items at once – a data streamer hard drive, wireless router, wireless repeater, power bank – you can have it all in one tiny package. Below is a quick visual hands-on.

The Ravpower Filehub RP-WD02 sells for P2,700.00 at We’ll have our full review soon.

Ravpower Filehub RP-WD02 Unboxing, Ravpower Filehub RP-WD02 Review

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