Do you have a CRT, LED, or LCD screen at home, in your office, or in your car, but have neither a cable nor a streaming subscription? The Starcube Digital TV box is for you. Enjoy the following right at the comfort of your living room:

Starcube digital TV box


  1. Enjoy clearer reception of your favorite free TV channels

Tired of suffering from grainy images or complete picture loss from your traditional TV antenna? Starcube TV comes with an Active Antenna with an Amplifier that lets you receive your favorite digital channels* 2x better compared to other offerings in the market, so you can enjoy more cable-quality pictures. Whatโ€™s more, the Starcube is Full HD capable which means once local networks upgrade broadcasts to HD, youโ€™re future-proofed and are sure to enjoy upgraded picture quality as well.


  1. Play music, photos, and videos saved on your USB

Unlike with a few other digital TV boxes, the Starcube TVโ€™s USB port lets you plug your ownflash drive and enjoy your own saved and downloaded Full HD content! This lets you make the most out of TV sets that donโ€™t have a cable subscription connected to them just yet.


  1. Record your favorite TV shows

Aside from enjoying saved content, Starcube TV also lets you save episodes for later viewing. Planning on revisiting a thrilling championship game or the big finale of your favorite series? Starcube TV even has an electronic program guide (EPG) to help you anticipate the episodes you want to record.


  1. Pause, fast forward, and rewind your TV programs (Time Shift)

Relive those nail-biting last few seconds before the winning 3-point shot or that romantic moment when the dreamy leading man realizes he canโ€™t live without the girl-next-door. Yup, โ€œtime travelโ€ is possible with the touch of a button with the Starcube TV box.

The Starcube digital TV box is distributed by STAR, Inc., the parent company of Philippine Smart devices brand Starmobile ( Grab this amazing device in leading appliance and electronics storesbeginning the second week of February for a one-time payment of only Php 1,290 (introductory price, regular price Php 1,490)โ€”no monthly fees or lock-ins!

* channel availability is dependent on network coverage

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