TDK 2-in-1 Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review


Smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi 3 and the Gionee Elife S5.5 come with limited non-expandable storage. So you use a USB OTG cable (P30.00) plus a USB thumbdrive (around P450.00) – you know, to carry around your favorite movies and other files. But there’s another way: a dual USB drive.

Meet the TDK 2-in-1 Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive, P680.00 at CDR-King.

Instructions are pretty simple. Push back one side to reveal micro USB tip. Pull the other side and flip to reveal USB 2.0 tip.

Here’s a walk-through; watch:


Here’s a blow by blow.


Here it is plugged into my LG G2.

The advantages of the TDK 2-in-1 Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive (P680.00) over the Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive (P980.00 for the 16GB variant) are affordability, a kind of ruggedness, size (so you won’t lose it), and that it’s keychain-attachable.


The Good

  • The case is a bit rugged.
  • No need to carry around two items – if you lose your USB OTG cable, your USB thumbdrive can’t be connected to your phone. If you lose the thumbdrive, your OTG cable is useless (unless you have another USB thumbdrive).
  • Big, so you won’t lose it (tiny USB drives tend to lose themselves or get left behind).
  • Keychain-attachable.
  • No complex set up or app download needed; it’s just a simple plug and “play” external storage.


The Bad

  • Non-sleek, squarish design.
  • More expensive than around P500 solution (USB OTG cable plus 16GB USB flash drive).
  • Locked position leaves an ugly “gap” between micro USB and USB 2.0 end.


The Verdict

Buy it.

It can get annoying to bring two items, a USB OTG cable plus USB thumbdrive, one of which when lost can render the remaining one useless (imagine a long bus ride and you lost your OTG cable, though you still have your USB filled with movies).

Of course you could opt for something smaller if you’re put off by the TDK’s squarish profile and relatively large size. But the goal is to not lose your USB drive – and that means attaching it to a keychain and having a big enough profile to be visible, so you know you didn’t leave it behind.


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