Manila, October 2016 – During a recent discussion with top executives of AIA Group Limited and its local subsidiary, Philam Life, President Rodrigo Duterte outlined his vision to increase awareness on life insurance and wealth management and make them more accessible and understandable to the average Filipino through use of simple and easy to understand language.


In photo: Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos (2nd from left) meets with President Rodrigo Duterte during a courtesy visit in Malacañang where the President shared his thoughts about the local insurance industry. Looking on are Philam Life Chief Agency Officer Jay Ledesma (center), AIA Group Regional CEO Gordon Watson (partly hidden), and AIA Group Chief Executive and President Mark Tucker (foreground).

AIA Group CEO and President Mark Tucker and AIA Regional Chief Executive Gordon Watson agreed with this strategic direction, and assured the president of their full support to carry out these initiatives. Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos likewise affirmed the important role that Philam Life plays in providing the right plans and right solutions to address the real life needs of Filipinos.

Aibee Cantos said: “We are very happy to learn that we are perfectly aligned with the President in our objective to increase life insurance awareness across the Philippines. At Philam Life, we remain committed to carry out our mission to deliver a Philam Life policy to every Filipino family by making life insurance more accessible to more Filipinos.

“We aim to meet the needs of our customers by assisting them with their protection and long-term savings goals and helping them to live longer, healthier and better lives. We look forward to working together with government agencies to achieve this shared aspiration.”

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