11 Reasons to Buy the ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML 4GB RAM

There’s a reason – actually, 11 reasons – why they ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML 4GB RAM is in demand. If you’re still on the fence about buying it, here’s a list of features that, taken together, make for a super-worth-it phone.

Massive 4GB RAM

The ASUS ZenFone 2 is the first to run an impressive 4GB of RAM. You can just load any app and switch between them and it’s actually hard to make the ZenFone 2 stutter. If you’ve handled phones that freeze or slow down when you move to another app, then you know the pains. That means, with 4GB RAM, you know the gains.

Which apps consume more power? Here’s the list.

Great Front and Rear Cameras

ZenFone 2 Rear Camera Shot

Despite having no Optical Image Stabilization, unlike the LG G2, G3, and G4, the ZenFone 2 takes impressive pics. Low light mode is also incredible.

Angry noon sun from the window and dim interior lighting on the other side, yet the ZenFone 2’s selfie camera balances this out.

If that and the great selfie camera doesn’t make you happy, maybe manual mode will. Check the camera section of our FULL REVIEW for a deeper coverage and for sample shots. Or, dive into our ZenFone 2 sample shots.

The LG G4 can boast of full manual mode, but that’s already present in the ZenFone 2.

Fast Charging

We’re used to carrying power banks that extend our phones’ battery life. What we need is shorter time with the wall socket, and that’s exactly what the ZenFone 2 provides: 60% capacity in 39 minutes of charging. When you’re phone’s almost dead and you have half an hour before the next meeting, you need fast charging.

Don’t lose that fast charger!

You Get More Control

Auto-Start Manager lets you check and prevent from starting those apps that drain the phone’s RAM, eat up battery life, and attack your mobile data allocation. No need to root the phone. Also, one tap boost is right there on the pull down notification menu, waiting for you to use and free up RAM, not that you’ll need it all the time, what with the ZenFone 2’s hefty 4GB of RAM.

Auto-Start Manager.


  • Themes!
  • Fonts!
  • Icons! Weee!

Themes, fonts, and icons can be changed. No need to download a third party launcher or to root the phone. You can download fonts and icons from the Google Play Store and the ASUS launcher can load them. Sweet.

ZenMotion: Gestures That Launch Apps

With the phone’s display off, write “C”. The camera launches. You can launch apps this way. Launching apps while the phone is locked and bypassing the lock screen saves time – you can call immediately or take pics on the spot or check your calendar there and then and give immediate answer to a client about your availability.

Expandable Storage

With back cover removed: dual SIM slots, micro SD slot, non-removable battery.

You’ll want more storage space for your apps, pics, videos, and see-and-see-again movies. Good thing this isn’t a flagship stuck with its storage. Just to compare, the Huawei Mate 7 offers dual SIM and expandable storage. But you can only use the second tray either for a nano SIM or a microSD card. You either get two working SIMs or one SIM and expandable storage. Not so with the ZenFone 2. You get 32GB storage and full use of two SIMs. How can you not be happy with that?

True Dual SIM Dual Active

Both SIMs are active, all the time. You’ll never miss an incoming call or text. While you’re on a call using one SIM, you can still get messages and calls from the other SIM. The second SIM tray doesn’t double as a microSD card slot, unlike in other phones.

Great Display

  • Splendid offers color temperature presets, or you can tweak it yourself.
  • Here's your next video marathon device.
  • Yes, it will play any game.

The ASUS ZenFone 2’s screen that adjusts to your needs. The Splendid apps lets you adjust the display’s color temperature. From our FULL REVIEW: “If you love Sony’s preference for blues and cold tones, you can have that. You can drag the slider to increase warmth for more vivid colors, to get more or less the same visual intensity on the G3. Of course, getting the super AMOLED contrast of Samsung phones is out of the question, as is getting the super deep blacks of the high end Lumias. Splendid’s reading mode emphasizes comfy-to-the-eyes browns and filters out blues – for less eye-fatigue when reading.”

Outdoor visibility is also good. And forget about nay-sayers who think only a QHD+ display is an absolute necessity for enjoying games and movies.

The Price

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen at the Philippine launch of the ZenFone 2. 

The LG G4 costs P33k and the Samsung Galaxy S6 about the same, and these are flagship devices with only 3GB of RAM. The ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551EL 4GB RAM 32GB ROM variant costs P14k. The 64GB variant only P15k. How’s that for value for money?

The Accessories

  • ASUS Lolliflash attaches to the 3.5mm audio jack, or can be held in your hand. Provides continuous diffused lighting for great-looking selfies in low light, or videos.
  • ASUS ZenFlash attaches to the ZenFone 2's micro USB port and requires a free downloadable ASUS app to be used. You can control the reach of the flash, for more professional-looking images in low light settings, or as a force-flash for creative use.
  • The 10050 mAh ZenPower, by the way, has a pass through feature - you can charge it while it is charging your phone. But I would rather charge ZenFone first, because it charges fast, and then the ZenPower.

The local launch of the ASUS ZenFone 2 saw announcements of at least three accessories – the Lolliflash (for videos and selfies in low lighting), the ZenFlash (for night shots when a longer reach flash is needed), and the ZenPower (super affordable and tiny power bank perfect for the ZenFone 2). When all three become available, they’ll incredibly boost the power of the ZenFone 2’s cameras (for selfies in the dark, videos, and low light photography) and the ZenFone’s battery stamina (you can play more games and watch more videos on the ZenFone). Good luck finding affordable makes-complete-sense accessories from other manufacturers.


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