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If we win P1 million in the #PayMayaguinaldo promo, here’s how we’ll spend it! 

When you’re working from home during a pandemic, any small gig or earning opportunity is a big thing. Freelancers (like my wife and I) can lose a job or project at a moment’s notice. So, when a promo comes along, one whose requirements fit how we carry on with our lives, that’s a blessing. That’s exactly what the PayMayaguinaldo promo is.


Comm&Sense helps SMEs bounce forward from pandemic 

Award-winning public relations agency Comm&Sense saw the plight of the many SMEs that continued to fight hard and survive the crisis. This is why instead of having a grand celebration, the agency saw it best to honor its 15th year by “paying it forward” to fellow SMEs that need a jump start to get moving from the adverse economic effects of the pandemic.