Every little thing that makes life easier during this pandemic is welcome. That includes PayMaya’s PayMayaguinaldo campaign, which rewards PayMaya users with raffle entries the more they use PayMaya, which is the sensible and seamless way to do things – no need to bring cash and change, less interaction with people to curb chances of contracting Covid-19. All you need is your phone installed with PayMaya and duly registered.

Through the PayMayaguinaldo promo, PayMaya users can win up to 1 million pesos in the grand draw. Here’s how you can earn raffle entries.

Use #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR at any PayMaya partner merchant with a minimum of P100 purchase. Our own highly frequented and favorite are Waltermart grocery and Handyman (for anything we need for fixing stuff in the house). I’m sure you have your favorite merchants, too. Keep your PayMaya account topped up so you can keep paying via PayMaya QR, so you can keep earning raffle entries.

Make sure to use your PayMaya-registered mobile number when purchasing items online, again with a minimum of P100 purchase. There are tons of PayMaya partner merchants whose websites allow payment by clicking on the Pay with PayMaya button (no need to punch in long debit or credit card numbers). These include ArmyNavy (armynavy.com.ph), Goldilocks (goldilocks.com.ph), and our favorite, Landers Superstore (landers.ph), because we tend to buy a lot of groceries. Paying this way is secure too, as every transaction requires a one-time password sent to your mobile number.

Buy prepaid load (and other treats) at the PayMaya in-app shop with a minimum of P100 purchase. I do this a lot. A lot.

If you’re a PayMaya user like us, earning raffle entries to get a chance to snag that 1-million-peso grand prize is as easy as paying for your daily essentials.

Remember that PayMaya users earn 1 raffle entry for every P100 purchase. So, you have to keep paying via PayMaya in the three ways detailed above to keep earning raffle entries. In my case, we’re heavy on the #ScanToPay part – there are days when we just hurried out of the house with nothing but our keys and our phones just to buy something we forgot.

Chances are you probably already have experienced the convenience of the don’t-pay-cash-PayMaya experience. If you have, then the three requirements to earn more raffle tickets covered above will probably fit right into your PayMaya usage habits, except that this time, that habit fits right into earning you more raffle tickets.

If you haven’t tried PayMaya, here’s a quick way to get your own PayMaya account now.

How to spend that P1 million pesos? Filipinos have a knack for finding ways. And that’s exactly what some of us are doing – starting up small businesses, funding home improvement projects to make us enjoy our time at home, spending on things that make our kids’ home studies better, securing groceries and other supplies to feel reassured that we can weather the virus, travelling locally into places with accommodations that strictly follow high levels of non-infection protocols, and injecting funds into projects and new hobbies that make you happy.

My wife and I already have plans with that P1 million grand prize – it involves investing in a small business that in turn bankrolls an outreach program for stray animals. You can find details on that dream project here.

The PayMayaguinaldo promo runs until January 10, 2021 and you can check the mechanics, here. Meanwhile, the draw date for the P1 million grand prize is on January 13, 2021. The winner will be announced on January 19, 2021.