When you’re working from home during a pandemic, any small gig or earning opportunity is a big thing. Freelancers (like my wife and I) can lose a job or project at a moment’s notice. So, when a promo comes along, one whose requirements fit how we carry on with our lives, that’s a blessing. That’s exactly what the PayMayaguinaldo promo is – a chance to be a millionaire by just using PayMaya for any payment transactions.

We don’t have to do too much aside from what we’re already doing, which is the PayMaya habit, meaning we go cashless in our household and outside. Peace of mind is not dependent on your ability to withdraw and stack up on physical cash. No need to queue up at the nearest ATM, or carry cash to buy stuff. All we need is our midrange phone installed with the PayMaya app. We found out, over time, that this is an iwas-holdup-and-iwas-lost-wallet/purse affair.

Give and receive this Christmas with PayMayaguinaldo

So back to what my wife and I are doing anyway (which gets us closer to that P1 million). The habit means we keep using the PayMaya app to “settle” our basics – the usual bills, ordering food, shopping at partner merchant stores via scan to pay QR, paying for online purchases, buying load, sending money, receiving money, topping up our PayMaya account via InstaPay, and topping up other apps like Grab and Food Panda. And that’s not even all you can do with the PayMaya app, which you can download for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

So, if you’re a PayMaya user like us, earning raffle entries to get a chance to snag that 1-million-peso grand prize is as easy as paying for your daily essentials. To be more specific, here’s what you can do to earn raffle entries at PayMaya’s PayMayaguinaldo promo:

Use #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR at any PayMaya partner merchant with a minimum of P100 purchase.

– Make sure to use your PayMaya-registered mobile number when purchasing items online, again with a minimum of P100 purchase.

Buy prepaid load (and other treats) at the PayMaya in-app shop with a minimum of P100 purchase.

Here’s the thing: the more we use PayMaya, the more raffle entries we get, the more chances we get of winning that 1 million pesos – an amount that’s already earmarked. “Hindi masama mangarap,” the saying goes. What the saying doesn’t say is that dream projects reflect what weigh most in your heart.

Here’s how we (my wife and I) plan how to spend it.

Since the lockdown began and until now, my wife and I have been feeding around 30 stray cats, every single day, in our area (we’re the crazy cat couple on our street, and in our unit, we have 9 cats). When strict quarantine rules forced some nearby small business to tank and apartments to empty out, we noticed that a lot of cats had no one to feed them; so, we filled in the void. We’re doing these out of our own pockets – and on foot carrying all that cat food and disposable plastic trays for food bowls. In all of 2020, we’ve also sponsored the neutering of 11 cats, with 2-3 on queue for January 2021. Our preferred veterinary clinic in Makati, VetLife, always comes to our aid with much-needed discounts on neutering the cats.

Should we win that P1 million, we have two connected dream projects in mind

First, we’ll pour parts of the amount into a small business – a digital printing shop whose partial earnings (no surprise here) will fund our continuing efforts to feed the stray cats (buy them wet and dry food and treats), provide them proper medical help through our favored vet clinic; and keep sponsoring neuterings to curb cases of pregnancies, of kittens dying of neglect, and to keep the neutered cats healthy.

Second, we’ll move into a slightly bigger apartment, one with more room, so we take in fostered cats and kittens, until they can find a furever home. We stopped fostering when our indoor cats ballooned into 9 (we only had 2 at the beginning) in 2019. 

Right now, even as our hearts are willing, we simply don’t have room to foster more cats in our small unit with 9 cats (we don’t let them out anymore). So that P1,000,000 cash boost would help our project immensely.

We all have different endeavors that move our hearts, and ours are into sustaining an environment where stray cats are allowed to lead healthy lives; and a sustainable small business whose small profit goes into our caring-for-cats project.

The PayMayaguinaldo promo runs until January 10, 2021 and you can check the mechanics, here. Meanwhile, the draw date for the P1 million grand prize is on January 13, 2021. The winner will be announced on January 19, 2021.

If you don’t have a PayMaya account yet, check out this link https://official.paymaya.com/CAK1/425eb133 for a quick and easy walkthrough in creating one.