“I never would have foreseen a pandemic,” said Maylin Remo Natan, owner of Trucklane Corporation, whose operations were threatened by the restrictions brought about by the pandemic. Other vital businesses depended on her operations, and she relied on BDO to keep her business going.

“You have to find a way to make it work, lalo na sa logistics” she said. “Salamat talaga at bukas ang BDO. It’s easy getting things done because they already know us and what we need.”

Just like Maylin’s logistics business, BDO branches remained open throughout the pandemic.

Mayline is not alone. You can read more inspiring stories such as those of Jennie Weineke, Chesa Leila F. Jaleco, and George S. Go who all embraced, dealt with, and thrived in the new normal; and they all chose BDO.