VaxxedandHappyHere TELUS International Philippines team members and their families participate in the company’s vaccination effort.

TELUS International Philippines, a leading provider of digital customer experience (CX) and IT solutions, continues to encourage team member vaccinations across all seven of its Philippine sites with the launch of a “get vaccinated, get rewarded” program called #VaxxedandHappyhere Grand Bonanza. This push is to help promote vaccine ambassadorship within the company’s employee population, which is aligned with the company’s health and wellness agenda, and demonstrates ongoing support for the government’s year-end vaccination campaign and targets.

As an addition to the TELUS International Philippines’ vaccine program implemented earlier in 2021, where team members were given free access to vaccines along with aftercare support, the company extended free access to vaccines to each employee’s family and household members. Any company employee, regardless of tenure, can enroll not just their dependents, but any loved one or household member for free COVID-19 vaccinations.

“The safety of our team members lies not only in getting them vaccinated, but also in ensuring that the people around them are safe and vaccinated as well. We want to give them peace of mind by protecting their loved ones through free, convenient and accessible COVID-19 vaccinations,” said Jeffrey John Dela Cerna, HR Vice-President for TELUS International Philippines.

Employees and their loved ones are also encouraged to register for free booster shots through the company’s vaccination program to further strengthen their immunity.

As with the vaccine campaign implemented earlier in 2021, credible and easy-to-digest information on the efficacy and safety of vaccines continues to be shared through newsletters and various communication channels. Employees are given a safe space to voice their concerns and engage in an open dialogue with experts to arrest doubts and correct misinformation through learning sessions with medical experts. Dela Cerna further explains that listening to team members and understanding their underlying sentiments is an important step to helping them overcome any reluctance around getting vaccinated.

The highlight of the vaccination drive is a “get vaccinated, get rewarded” program called #VaxxedandHappyhere Grand Bonanza, where fully vaccinated employees are eligible to win exciting prizes every month until March 2022. All vaccinated employees can qualify for the monthly draws, and over 200 individuals have already won home appliances, gadgets, and vouchers from the draws in October to December. Four brand new cars, two Vespas, the latest gadgets, and premium home appliances, among others prizes, remain up for grabs.

The program was designed to give incentives to employees who have been vaccinated, as they promote vaccine ambassadorship within the workforce, augmenting reach and impact. In order to win one of the grand prizes (four brand new cars), the site where the employee works must also have attained 50% vaccination rate by the first draw in January 2022 and 80% by the last draw in March 2022.

“The health and wellness of all our 21,500+ team members has always been our key priority at TELUS International Philippines, especially now in our current hybrid operations where some of us work on-site and others from their homes,” said Mirei Magallona, TELUS International Philippines Country Vice President. “Our programs will continue to expand and evolve based on COVID-19 developments and team member feedback.”

“As the world slowly reopens, we have made it an imperative to ensure that our team members and their loved ones are fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” Magallona adds.

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