The weather app says it’s a cool 26 °C inside the house and outside, the light rainshowers and thunderstorms are making it just. SO. difficult to get up from under the covers. It is-as it has not been in a long while-the perfect bed weather day.

All you can think about is how wonderful it would be if you could just stay in, have coffee, read, snuggle with your children or simply not have to do any work for the next 12 hours. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

Alas, the weather hardly alters the demands of real life, and eventually you will have to pull yourself up and get moving. BUT the good news is, at the very least, it is possible for you to stay in with a little help from your gadgets. Here’s how:

  • Set an online meeting instead. Got an important discussion scheduled? Just for today, why not have a Skype call instead of that boardroom meeting? In this weather, even the most conscientious office workers would not be too eager to battle the traffic and floods so they could talk to you about something you could all discuss from your laptop or mobile phone, in the comfort of your homes. All you need is a reliable wi-fi or LTE connection.
  • Have your meals delivered. Not in the mood to cook? Not in the mood to dress up and eat out either? Then order your favorite meals online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Services like Foodpanda will save the day for you. With hundreds of partner restaurants, it lets you have your cake-or tempura or pizza or taco-and eat it, too.
  • Link your bank account to GCash. Nobody wants to go out in the rain to work, much less perform bank errands. So do yourself a favor and download the GCash app. Register and link your bank account to GCash. The process is pretty straightforward: 1) Choose Cash in; 2) Tap Online Banking and you will see a list that includes BPI, RCBC, Unionbank, etc.; 3) Pick your bank and input your details. This is a simple and secure process. When your bank account is linked to GCash, you may transfer money to your GCash account and do everything else from your mobile phone. You can send money to another account, request and receive money, pay your bills, buy load, start a savings account, get insured, explore investments-everything you require to make your life easier.
  • Do your shopping from home. Now shopping may provide more incentive for you to move your you-know-what but if you can do it from home, why not? Everything, and I mean every imaginable thing, is sold on Lazada and Shopee, and the trendiest outfits are on Zalora. On those sites alone, you are likely to spend hours filling your shopping cart. What’s best, you can use GCash to pay for your purchases there, too.
  • Skip the movie, enjoy Netflix. Who needs to go out when you have Netflix? Set your movie date at home, settle on your oh-so-comfy couch, grab a bag of chips, and enjoy the show!
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