The Grab mobile app is becoming a Swiss Army Knife for our needs. Right now, the app covers transportation (where do you want to go?), parcel delivery (where do you want it delivered?), and food ordering (what do you want to eat? ). All of these are “right there” on your smartphone if you have the Grab app installed. We tried out GrabFood, the most recent addition to Grab’s services.

Here are the usual steps:

  • Launch the Grab app, choose “Food”.
  • Type in your delivery address.
  • Choose your restaurant.
  • Select a meal and add it to your basket.
  • Complete the order and wait for the delivery.

And here are screenshots of the GrabFood ordering process, from when we launched the app up to when we got our order:

And here’s where we encountered problems: none.

As you can see from the top right corner of the screenshots above, we launched the Grab app on 4:52pm and we got our order at 5:33pm.

Just a few notes:

  • At the time of this writing, we couldn’t pay with Grab credits. Hopefully, in the future, we can, as that would be great.
  • The restaurant wasn’t that far from where we live.
  • You need to be aware of what time the restaurant closes, and order an hour before that. We learned that the hard way during another time when we ordered, and the Grab rider told us, over the phone, that the store was closed when he got there.
  • Don’t forget to leave important notes to the rider, such as info on how to find your address easier (landmarks, where to turn, road blocsk to avoid, etc.), and that you need extra packets or orders of sauces/gravy/etc..
  • Lastly, keep your phone charged and stay online to both determine where the rider is and to be ready in case he calls (for directions to your place or what to do next if your particular order is not available).

So, if your order is available, if there’s no unexpected traffic, if your place is easy to find for the rider, if there are no long lines in the store, and if your delivery address is not too far from the store your ordered from, then you should be able to get your order in about an hour or less.

And that’s our experience with ordering food via GrabFood.

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