Need to deposit money to a bank? You can do it with GCash.

Now you can transfer money from your Globe GCash wallet to GCash partner banks in real time (and vice versa), for free, and on your smartphone. It’s called GCash Fund Transfer and it’s powered by InstaPay by the Central Bank of the Philippines. Imagine the time and leg work this service saves you from – no need to go to a bank (in this heat) and fall in line; all you need is a registered (verified) GCash account (just download the GCash app for iOS and Android).

Here’s how: from the GCash mobile app, choose fund transfer, choose from a list of 30-plus partner banks, type in the bank details and amount, tap confirm, and then wait for the confirmation message.

GCash Fund Transfer, GCash Bank Transfer, how to do GCash Bank Transfer

GCash is a virtual wallet service that lets its users send and receive money, shop online, pay bills, and much more. GCash Fund Transfer is the latest service available via the GCash app. BPI, BDO, Metrobank, UnionBank, Landbank, and China Bank are among the banks supported by GCash.

GCash Fund Transfer, GCash Bank Transfer, how to do GCash Bank Transfer

Here’s some of the conveniences GCash Fund Transfer provides:

  • As long as you have funds in your GCash account, you can do fund transfers without going to the bank. That means you can deposit to your account, to a seller’s account, or that of a friend’s or loved one’s – all while holding a smartphone connected to the web. Parents who multitask and those who have a ton on their to-do list will love this. The deposited funds can be used to pay for rental fees, tuition fees, for online shopping, and more.
  • Instead of commuting to a specific bank (through traffic and heat), filling up forms, falling in line, and losing time, you can load up your GCash mobile wallet at over 16,000 GCash partner outlets nationwide. Simply tell the cashier or attendant to cash-in to their GCash account. Cashing-in to a GCash account is completely free. Outlets include 7-Eleven, SM Business Centers, Robinsons Business Centers, Puregold branches, and Villarica Pawnshop branches. Once your GCash wallet is topped up, you can do fund transfers.
  • Real time fund transfer means you can complete the transaction and the money will be received in mere moments – no long waiting time (for example, 2-3 business days). The recipient can check his mobile bank app to see if the money went through. Prompt payments to sellers, for example, can be made in one sitting. A transaction can be completed in as little as 3 minutes.
  • You can link your bank account to your registered GCash account and start doing fund transfers – in mere minutes. Compare that to the hours lost in traffic, the dehydration and hunger, the lost time on the way to the bank and while in line.
  • A newly registered GCash account can already transfer as much as P20,000 per day. A new user can upgrade this limit to P50,000 per day through regular use.
  • GCash Fund Transfer cuts through both the usual annoying fees (there are no charges) and the decades-old paper process (which is slow) associated with fund transfer services. GCash Fund Transfer is fast, seamless, convenient, and it works anywhere in the country provided there is data connectivity.
GCash Fund Transfer, GCash Bank Transfer, how to do GCash Bank Transfer

Getting a GCash account is so easy. Just download the GCash App (for free) from the App Store or from Google Play, then sign up for an account. Or, just look for @gcashofficial on Facebook Messenger and sign up. Mynt (GCash Financial) is the operating company of GCash.

Getting things done online and on your smartphone – paying bills, buying load, sending and receiving money, paying for online purchases, shopping via QR code scanning, paying bills, investing, taking loans, and cashing in your mobile wallet (all of which you can do with GCash) – is the new normal. GCash Fund Transfer is but one of the latest conveniences GCash provides.

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