Sleek, slim, stylish, and sturdy, LG deluxe Inverter V residential airconditioners address consumer pain points normal airconditioners bring – the assured high electricity bills, the resulting pollution and exposure to disease, and the uncomfortable noise.

LG Inverter V Airconditioner 01


LG’s Inverter V compressor allows for fast and powerful cooling while curbing energy consumption to as much as 69%.

LG Inverter V Airconditioner 02


The Inverter V airconditioners operate on a skew fan and BLDC motor technology that allows the AC to work on low sound levels – that’s silent cooling with precise speed control and smooth operation and decresed noise and vibration.

LG Inverter V Airconditioner 03

Constant comfort

LG’s inverter system adapts to indoor conditions and activates at variable speed rather than fixed speed. The result is a maintained desired temperature with minimum fluctuation.

LG Inverter V Airconditioner 04

Consumers less power

You can also adjust energy consumption levels and total cooling capacity by setting the maximum frequency of the compressor motor. This limits electricity consumption.

LG Inverter V Airconditioner 00


The Inverter V airconditioners also have a filtration system that protects users from harmful substances in the air and does away with the need to clean the filter. Its Plasmater Ionizer sterilizes the air going through the filter and the surrounding area as well. This prevents build up of bacteria on the heat exchanger and eliminates molds and unwanted odors. The Plasmaster also combines water molecules in the air to provide extra humidity to ensure healthy moisturized skin.

LG Inverter V airconditioners start at Php 30,999.00. For details, visit

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