Food freshness and cleanliness have a direct impact on our health. This is why anyone preparing food should be extra cautious in handling ingredients, cooking dishes, and storing leftovers. Fortunately for today’s professional and home cooks, appliance pioneer Sharp Philippines has launched a new lineup of kitchen appliances to maintain the quality of food. The latest set of products includes the J-Tech Inverter refrigerators and the Steamwave Oven, which offers a convenient 3-in-1 cooking system.


Prevent freezer burn, prolong freshness, and save energy with Sharp J-Tech Inverter Refrigerators

Sharp reinvents inverter technology with J-Tech Inverter. J-Tech’s smart inverter mechanism allows for precision cooling with its 36 gradual cooling steps, which provides your refrigerator interior the exact temperature for your storage needs, while also consuming less energy in the process. Its high compressor rotation speed allows it to reach optimum temperature to help reduce food spoilage as well.

Sharp J-Tech Refrigerators promote optimal freshness and energy savings with its other features as well. Plasmacluster Ion Technology (PCI), featured in both the J-Tech Double French Door (SJ-FTF24/22AVP-SL) and the Premium J-Tech (SJ-FTG21/15AVP-SL/BK) models, keeps food fresh longer by preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, and other microbes that may contaminate the food and ref interiors by up to 99%. It also destroys odor molecules that can affect the taste of food.

Ag+ Nano Deodorizer, found in both Premium J-Tech and Standard J-Tech (SJ-FT12/11AV-SL) units, ensures an odor-free ref interior with a filter that disperses Ag+ molecules which trap odor molecules so they cannot contaminate food. The Double French Door, on the other hand, features the more enhanced Ag+ Cu Nano Deodorizer, which has copper, known for its antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

Other features include the Hybrid Cooling System (found in the Double French Door and Premium models only) which helps prevent freezer burn and food dryness, and full LED lighting which provides even more energy savings and a more elegant look.

Multi-functional and innovative: the Sharp Steamwave Oven

Steam, grill, and microwave dishes using the Sharp Steamwave Oven. This innovation boasts of a 3-in-1 cooking system that saves space, money and time.

Set to Steam Mode, the Steamwave preserves food taste, texture, and nutrients, and prevents dishes from being burnt. Users can reduce cooking time by half as users can steam various food combinations simultaneously using the dual steam trays. The Grill Mode offers even grilling, excess oil and fat drainage, and quick preheating, while the Microwave Mode features reheat options and single touch defrosting.

Maintenance of this unit is a breeze, owing to Sharp Steamwave Oven’s ergonomic design. Users can easily clean the oven, thanks to its flat floor cavity and accessible water tank. And with the oven’s pre-programmed menu, which includes 62 automatic settings and 6 healthy cooking categories, homemakers will love the convenience it offers.


Sharp J-Tech Refrigerators are now available in all leading appliance stores nationwide while the Sharp Steamwave Oven will soon be available. For more information on these exceptional Sharp products, visit or follow us on and Instagram at @Sharp.PH.


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