LG L70 Unboxing Contents

The L70 is the middle child in LG’s midrange dual SIM line up, the L Series III. With a 4.5″ display, the L70 sits between the larger 5″ L80 and the smaller 3.5″ L40.

LG L70 Unboxing Front

The L70 strikes me as the kind you’d want as a main phone if you just want to bring something above a basic tiny 4 incher for texting and calling.

LG L70 Unboxing Back

The textured back is very grip friendly, and though the back plate is easily removed, it snug fits back so that the phone feels more solid and sturdy. Something your toddler can pick up and throw and you wouldn’t be worried. At least, that’s the impression.

LG L70 Unboxing Back Removed

Battery removed and dual SIM and microSD slots revealed. I reviewed the L Series II last year and the LG sturdy-build approach has been retained.

LG L70 Unboxing with Battery

I’ll be using this as my main phone soon, so stay tuned for the full review.


LG L Series III L70 Specs

4.5″ IPS Display (480×800, 207 ppi)
1.2 GHz Dual Core processor, Dual SIM
4GB internal storage, up to 32GB via microSD
2,100 mAh battery
5MP rear camera, VGA front
Comes in black and white

SRP P8,490.00

LG L70 Unboxing Box