It’s no secret. The reason behind Filipinos wearing sunglasses is style. However, they can also play an important role in ensuring your safety behind the wheel.

“Extremely bright UV rays can quickly cause accidents,” says Dr. Joy Go, AVP for Ideal Vision Center (IVC) Marketing. “Wearing something to keep your eyes on the road goes a long way in terms of road safety.”

In United Kingdom, there were some 2,905 road accidents due to sun glares in 2012. Dr. Go remarks, “Facts like this serve as a reminder to Filipino drivers not to take any chances.”

There are several considerations when it comes to selecting the best sunglasses for driving. According to Dr. Go, frame style and lens color are factors in protecting your eyes from sun glares in the highway.

Frame style

Many drivers may not realize it, but some frame styles are not appropriate for driving.

Go expounds: “Given this, wearing oversized sunglasses—while they are in high demand for their style—blocks part of your peripheral vision. And this can be quite dangerous.”

She adds, “Normal-sized sunglasses are still recommended for driving.”

Dr. Go also noted that glasses that slightly wrap around the eye can prevent glare from penetrating the sides. These type of sunglasses can also help wearers drive safely.

These types of models can be found in the catalogs of Police and Givenchy.

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Lens color

Apart from frame style, Filipinos on the wheel should also be wise in choosing the right lens color. Dr. Go says, “Choosing the wrong lens color can affect your ability to recognize traffic lights and other potential road hazards.”

In line with this, polarized, gray and brown lens colors are recommended for driving. According to Dr. Go, these colors let the eyes see things in their natural state.

On the other hand, yellow and orange lens colors—though they increase contrasts in hazy, foggy or low-light conditions—can cause color distortion. This visual discrepancy can be distracting for drivers.

Green, rose, and red lens colors also offer visual accuracy while reducing eyestrain against bright light. However, these tints (particularly rose and red) can make red lights indistinguishable.

Filipinos interested in finding the right type of lens colors for driving can explore different catalogs of IVC, including Police, Escada and Givenchy.

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Safety first

IVC, a company that values Total Quality Vision Care, designs high-quality eyewear suitable for all age groups and different genders.

“We take pride in helping customers find the perfect eyewear for their daily activities,” says Dr. Go.“We have sunglasses for different purposes—ranging from sports to style (or even driving). At IVC, we’re all about offering the total package when it comes to eyewear.”

She concludes, “When it comes to driving, adding the right shade goes a long way in ensuring your safety and the safety of your passengers. Remember this the next time you’re buying a new pair of sunglasses.”