On July 3, 2015, GrabCar, the private vehicle booking service available through the GrabTaxi app, became the first company to receive full accreditation by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). In May 2015, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) created a new classification, Transportation Network Company (TNC), to accommodate app-based booking services. GrabCar is the first to complete all requirements to be accredited as a TNC.

GrabCar, Natasha Bautista, Brian Cu

GrabTaxi, the company behind GrabCar, is also celebrating another milestone – its second year in the Philippines. (Above, L-R:) Natasha Bautista, Head of GrabCar Philippines, and Brian Cu, Managing Director of GrabTaxi. 

“With full accreditation,” said Natasha Bautista, Head of GrabCar Philippines,” more Filipino commuters will be able to use GrabCar and be confident that we offer a legitimate and safe private hire service. We will now focus on rapidly expanding our GrabCar service to serve more passengers across the Philippines.”

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The First and Only Legal Service

According to Roberto Cabrera, LTFRB Executive Director, “GrabCar has been very collaborative. Since day one of operations, they have been working closely with us to ensure that the policy on TNCs prioritizes passenger safety. We are happy to announce that GrabCar has already been accredited upon meeting all government requirements, and we are positive that this will revolutionize the Philippine transportation industry.”

GrabCar, Natasha Bautista, Brian Cu

The TNC requirements include: business permit, certificate of recognition duly issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), business model proposal with proposed fare rates and service charges, and complaint mechanism against vehicle owners and drivers.

To celebrate GrabCar’s full accreditation by the Philippine government, GrabCar is giving away an unlimited P100 discount on all GrabCar and GrabCar+ rides! Just use the promo code LEGALLYGRAB on every booking from July 7 to July 21, 2015.

GrabCar, Natasha Bautista, Brian Cu

Safety as GrabCar’s Top Priority

“The stringent safety and training process we’ve implemented since day one has ensured that GrabCar complies with the new TNC regulations seamlessly and [that GrabCar] can be the first to be fully accredited by the LTFRB,” Bautista added. She also said that GrabCar is committed to screening and training their GrabPeer drivers for GrabCar in full compliance with the TNVS accreditation requirements set by the LTFRB. They are also working with the Regional Head of Safety and the LTFRB to ensure that their safety measures are of the highest standards.

Fast Grab Facts

  • To date, the GrabTaxi app has been downloaded onto more than 5.5 million mobile devices.
  • 10 bookings are made per second.
  • More than 101,000 drivers registered with the network.
  • The app is available in 22 cities across 6 countries.

Previously in Beta in Metro Manila, GrabCar aims to complement the current transportation options in the country and to provide passengers with another safe and affordable ride option. GrabCar believes that with full accreditation by the Philippine government, TNCs will be able to provide a fast, safe, and convenient transport option for passengers.


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