Update September 09, 2016: Grab is accepting applicants on their website and Grab Activation Center processes it in one day.  More details here:  https://www.swirlingovercoffee.com/drive-with-grab-and-get-processed-in-one-day/

Private vehicle owners take note: if you’re in the office or elsewhere while your car “does nothing” at home or in the garage, you might as well earn from it.

GrabCar is now accepting applicants for GrabPeers, an LTFRB-accredited initiative to similar to getting a legal taxi franchise except that processing is faster, incentives are offered, there are rush hour rates, and the GrabPeer gets 80% of the total fare. Training sessions are provided and all this is legal.

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Why Be a GrabPeer?

With the GrabPeer2Peer model, you have full control of how much you earn, and when. You can get more out of your car while you’re at work – having a 9 to 5 job means that that car is not getting used for nearly your whole shift. If anyone in your family or pool of friends have cars that are not hitting the road that often, they might as well earn from it by signing up as a GrabPeer. As a GrabPeer, you get to be part of a huge community of GrabPeers and Grabbers.

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How to be a GrabPeer

Get Registered. Go to GrabCar.com, click “Be a GrabPeer”, and download the forms and list of requirement. Send it in to peers.mnl@grabcar.com with the subject “GRABPEER APPLICATION”.

Get Verified.. When you’re application has been received, the GrabCar people will email you and drop by to chat, take a look at your vehicle, and make sure everything’s okay.

Get Accredited.. GrabCar provides briefings and accreditation every Wednesday from 9am to 11am at the GrabCar office, 2/F ACI Group Building, 147 H.V. dela Costa Street, Makati; contact them through (01) 883 7100. You’ll be guided through the Peer process, after which you can go and bid for all those bookings.

What You Need to Prepare

For GrabPeer:

  • Copy of proof of Filipino citizenship
  • NBI Clearance
  • BIR Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Business Name issued by the DTI, or ITR
  • Map and address of garage

For your GrabCar drivers:

  • Copy of valid professional driver’s license with OR
  • NBI Clearance
  • PNP Clearance

For your GrabCar vehicles:

  • OR-CR or sales invoice
  • Valid comprehensive vehicle insurance reflecting the name in the OR-CR

For each account:

  • If you’re using your own Android device to use the GrabCar Driver app, you inform the GrabCar people about your device’s details.
  • If you don’t have an Android device, GrabCar will lend you one

Visit the the GrabCar site for more info. See also GrabCar is the first LTFRB-accredited Transport Network Company in the PhilippinesGrabCar+ is Now on Beta in Metro Manila; GrabCar is GrabTaxi’s answer to Uber.

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