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Car-booking app GrabCar now offers a more luxurious version of itself – GrabCar+. While GrabCar vehicles are often latest model and well-kept unmarked sedans (think Honda City, Toyota Altis, Mitsubishi Lancer), GrabCar+ offers premium sedans and SUVs (ride in comfort and style with Nissan Teanas, Toyota Camrys, Toyota Fortuners, Hummers, Tuchsons, and Mini Coopers).

How to Book a GrabCar+ Luxury Vehicle

  1. Download the GrabTaxi app from the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and BlackBerry World.
  2. On the App, click on the GrabCar+ option. The app detects your current location and shows you how many GrabCar+ drivers are nearby.
  3. Input your destination. The App will then show you the estimated fare. You can pay with cash or go cashless (credit or debit card.)
  4. Confirm your booking. Once you do, the app contacts nearby drivers and shows you their responses in real time.
  5. When a driver confirms, the app shows you the driver’s name and photo, and how long you have to wait. An in-app button allows you to call your driver.

GrabCar is the first and only car-booking app that offers cash, debit, and (beginning March 1, 2015) credit card payment options in the country. (See GrabCar is GrabTaxi’s Answer to Uber.) For now, GrabCar+ is now on Beta in Metro Manila.

GrabTaxi, GrabCar+, Natasha Bautista

GrabTaxi Acting General Manager Natasha Bautista briefed audiences about GrabCar+, a more luxurious version of GrabCar, which is now on soft launch in Metro Manila.

At the launch, the company behind GrabTaxi, GrabCar, and GrabCar+ also announced their GrabPeer initiative. If your car is “doing nothing”, while you’re at work or doing something else, you might as well earn from it. See GrabCar now accepts applicants to taxi-like franchise initiative, GrabPeer.

GrabCar+ works closely with the Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB) regarding the LTFRB Memorandun Circular for Transportation Network Companies (TNC).

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