Invited media practitioners were teamed up with celebrity chefs and culinary students to accomplish a recipe – but with twists here and there.

Powering the Google Cook Off challenge are Google aps:

Google Keep

Take notes and photos, create lists, and make voice recordings with Google Keep. Once you’ve caputred your ideas, you can color code them or create a simple checklist to organize tasks.

Google Keep is available on Android, iOS and syncs across all your devices so you never have to write those meeting notes twice. It also has a homescreen widget so you can add notes without unlocking your screen.


Whether you’re at your desk, in a meeting, or on a plane, Gmail is designed to make you more productive. Gmail works on any computer or mobile device with a data connection and offline support lets you keep working even when you’re disconnected. Gmail has 30GB of storage shared across Google+ and Google Drive and the options to puchase more means you never have to delete anything. Powerful search let’s you find everything, and labels and filters help you stay organized.

Google Drive

The ultimate digital handbag, Google Drive brings you all your stuff, whenever and wherever you need it. Presentations for work, happy snaps from your latest holiday, and the household budget planner are all safe and available from any device at any time with Google Drive. Real time collaboration in Google Docs makes sending 30 versions of the same document a thing of the past. Revision history let’s you see who has changed what and when. While autosave always has your back so you won’t lose a moment’s work.

Google Cafe, Google Cook Off, Erwin Heusaff

Left to right: Erwan Heussaff, CCA Lecturer Luchie Callanta, Bogard the Explorer, and Chris Urbano.

Voice Search

Search Google… by just saying the words. Look mom, no hands! Next time you have a question for Google instead of typing, try asking. Simply tap the microphone and ask Voice Search in Filipino or in English what the weather will be like tomorrow or how tall Mount Everest is. Perfect for when your hands are full or you just want to give those weary typing fingers a break.

Google Translate App

Whether you’re travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language, learning to cook a new type of exotic cuisine, or studying a new language, Google Translate can help. A free tool, Google Translate gives you a way to write or type 90 different languages, get spoken translations in 42 langugaes and even have a conversation with someone in 32 languages. Google Translate reaches over 500 milliion users worldwide, processes over a billion translations every day, and it is available on your Androis or iOS device.


Chrome is a fast, simple and secure web browser, built for the modern web. It loads web pages in a snap and is available on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Once you’ve signed in, you have access to all your Google accounts, like Gmail, Maps or YouTube across all your devices. It automatically sync all your open tabs and bookmarks so you can pick up where you left off on any device.


Be a Sous Chef by day and DJ by night with YouTube. Want to know how to make a good nasi goreng? Head to YouTube and find tips and tutorials from culinary pros around the world. Sunscribe to your favorite chefs’ channels and hone your cooking skills. When you’re done in the kitchen, explore the world of music and create the ultimate party mix with tracks from your favorite local and international artists and channels.

Google Cafe, Google Cook Off, Erwin Heusaff

The Google Cafe: Cook Off challenge was held at the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) in Katipunan, Q.C.

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