Today’s dynamic lifestyle requires interventions that are quick, functional and easy to use. Technology and the birth of diverse applications have made things way easier for everyone, even altering our lifestyles. There is now a perfect app for travel, leisure, dining, accommodation, even attractions. Take a peek at the top 6 lifestyle apps that are now constant in everyone’s phone:

1. Grab & Uber

Who have not hopped in on a Grab or Uber car? The ride-sharing revolution in the Philippines latched on the on-demand service vehicle app has grown into a multi-billion peso industry especially in the Philippines that is yet to have its own efficient mass transport system unlike its Asian neighbors.

Grab App Uber

For commuters, getting a convenient, comfortable ride is now at the tip of their fingers. For car owners, they no longer need to buy a second car to use during “coding days”, they just need to “Grab” it or “Uber” it.

2. Eatigo

Filipinos today are now known as the dine-out generation because of their current time-strapped and on-the-go lifestyle and the Eatigo app happens to be the favorite restaurant reservation app of this generation. Eatigo aims to connect empty tables with empty stomachs and offers 50% discounts on every restaurant, every day—from your favorite hole-in-the-wall to the popular fine dining places. Reservation is fuss-free at its more than 2,000 restaurants across Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India and the Philippines.

Eatigo Mobile App, Eatigo on iOS, Eatigo on Android

Through the eatigo mobile app, diners can browse for restaurants via the curated categories: top 50 restaurants, new restaurants or use “here & now” to see nearby restaurants. Once a restaurant has been selected, the diner can then reserve a table through the hassle-free booking process. The app is completely free to use – no subscriptions, no vouchers, no hidden fees. Great selection of dining outlets with amazing discounts, that’s why Eatigo has hit the charts for the top food app. Get Eatigo on iOS or Android or visit their website.

3. Spotify

This music and podcast streaming app has been rocking the world of music-lovers of all ages since it was launched October of 2008. Available in Europe, most of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia, Spotify allows music to be browsed through or searched by parameters such as artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label.


Users can create, edit, and share playlists, share tracks on social media, and make playlists with other users. Spotify provides access to more than 30 million songs. As of June 2017, it had more than 140 million monthly active users and more than 60 million paying subscribers as of July 2017.

4. Netflix

Boasting a massive library of video content at an affordable price, Netflix has dramatically changed today’s viewing habits. Founded in 1997, Netflix started online streaming after 10 years when their titles were only limited to 1,000. Its success exploded in the first quarter of 2017 with 98.75 million subscribers and breached the 100-million subscriber mark shortly after its first-quarter report in April.


Netflix is now available in more than 190 countries and is responsible for at least 35% of downstream internet traffic in North America in 2016, double the traffic of Google’s YouTube and more than eight times as much as Amazon Video over the same period.

5. AirBnB

Travelers swear by AirBnB as the most seamless app to book your accommodation. You choose your location, your price range, amenities and the type of accommodation you want, key in your preferred dates and number of persons staying and AirBnB gives you a shortlist that would match your requirements and preferences. Easy peasy!


6. Lalamove

Who would have thought that an app that’s created for van hiring would totally revolutionize this industry? That’s exactly what Lalamove achieved. Created in December 2013 and then known as EasyVan, its main purpose for existence is to leverage on the sharing economy and satisfying a specific logistical need which is van hiring.


Shortly after in July 2014, EasyVan expanded to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and numerous cities in Southeast Asia. It has since been re-baptized as “Lalamove” which was seen as a more appropriate name when the fleet of vehicles evolved from just vans to motorcycles and trucks of varying sizes. Lalamove has become synonymous with quick and reliable delivery, the “Lalamove way.”

As our lifestyles take us on the fast lane, the lifestyle apps above make sure we got everything in control to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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