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Be Cool and Colourful with Goldilocks Strawberry Caramel Thirst Quencher 

In commemoration of the Panagbenga Festival, Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, gives you the Strawberry Caramel Thirst Quencher that will be launched this coming February 12, 2016. This tantalizing strawberry-flavored drink, topped with sweet caramel syrup and strawberry gelatine is sure to refresh and cool you, much like a trip to Baguio.

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The power of coming home: A Filipino company encourages employees to go home early to be with their families 

With a keen understanding of its employees and their needs outside of work, Del Monte Philippines launched an important corporate initiative–COME HOME TO FAMILY WEDNESDATES– through which the company encouraged its Manila-based employees to leave the office no later than 6:00 PM at least once a week so they can have ample time to travel and make it home in time for family dinners.

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Mister Donut Takes off in Trinoma 

A definite highlight, of course, is Mister Donut’s original “Pon de Ring” from Japan, which has become a certified hit among the most discerning donut palettes. Its trademark chewy texture provides a perfect balance to bring out its scrumptious and wide array of flavors which includes the bestselling White Almonds, All Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, apart from the classic Glazed and Sugar-raised variants.

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Have a modern feast at home with foodpanda and Splice! 

Splice’s modern menu features fun starters like the Angus Tapa Poutine, a spin on the Canadian dish, with thick-cut potatoes topped with cheese sauce and Angus beef tapa; doh-nut burgers, named after The Simpsons, where donuts are used in place of bread; pasta selections, which include the Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara, where bacon is replaced with salty danggit and crunchy chicken skin; and the melt-in-your-mouth 8-Hour Pork Belly Confit, served with Dirty Rice, all at reasonable prices.