Versailles Stay, a new property business concept by Capitarise Holdings Inc. and FPD Global, makes so much sense you wonder why it isn’t mainstream.

They have their own lobby at One Central in Makati, and when you walk in you might think Versailles Stay is just like a hotel – offering temporary lodgings and amenities to guests at 1/3 the price of other rental places in Makati. But then that’s only one aspect.

Versailles Stay has three core markets – high-end condominium developers, unit owners, and end-users who occupy the units as guests.

High-end condominium developers benefit through the direct sale of multiple units. They also get to relinquish the responsibility of managing these units to Versailles Stay’s efficient staff. Because Versailles’ guests avail of the building’s amenities, these facilities receive extra support and maintenance from Versailles, too. Versailles will also collect association dues – one less worry for developers.

Versailles Stay prefers to work with developers at the get go – right when their projects are being developed. This allows them to ensure that their requirements are met and not compromised. But when the building is right smack in the central business district of an area, when the building is really new, and when they can work well with the developers in proving the right amenities and high quality of rooms, they can make an exception.

Unit owners enjoy fewer worries regarding the details of their investment. Versailles Stay takes care of furnishing and maintaining the units, as well as locating renters to occupy the rooms. All the unit owners have to do is sit back and wait for returns to come in. Most of the units managed by Versailles Stay are owned by foreigners.

Versailles Stay is not tied to any structure. It’s a modular lodgings provider that can set up in any high-end residence building. Versailles Stay acts a bridge to enable foreign investors to have access to apartment suites from high-end developers. Unit owners get a percentage of returns during the first year, while the returns on the second year depend on the rate of occupancy. Unit owners also get the benefit of being allowed to stay for free at Versailles Stay for a certain number of times per year, but not necessarily in the unit/s they own.

End-users who occupy the units as guests experience the care and hospitality of Versailles Stay staff, who focus on the guests’ comfort. Guest have an option for short to mid-term billeting in prime locations, complete with services and amenities that simulate a hotel stay, at affordable rates. For businessmen on corporate trips and families seeking fun and relaxing staycations, Versailles Stay is a great choice. If other hotels in Makati charge for 10-15 thousand pesos per night, Versailles Stay charges about 4-5 thousand pesos per night.

Guests get access to WiFi provided by Versailles Stay and enjoy free breakfast. Right now, Versailles Stay employs 10 24/7 staff and they have their own lobby.

Versailles Stay is a rental management solution for fully furnished high quality residences, offering dependable property care for developers and unit owners, as well as value-for-money, convenient, and hospitable stay for guests and clients.

So, while Versailles Stay may seem like a hotel, it really is much, much more. It is currently only available at One Central in Makati, where Versailles Stay currently manages 200 units, 50 of which are available for short term renters. Capitarise Holdings Inc. and FPD Global are targeting an expansion of the Versailles Stay brand in Cebu and Davao.

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