Forming a partnership that looks toward nation building, education, and sports, the Philam Life and Philippine Football Federation (PFF) are working hand-in-hand to reconstruct schools affected by one of the country’s most disastrous storms on record, Typhoon Yolanda.

To help rebuild the educational institutions of Samar, Leyte, and Iloilo, the Philippine Football Federation will dedicate USD 250,000 to build at least 11 new classrooms under the Philam Paaralan program of Philam Foundation Inc., the corporate social responsibility arm of Philam Life.

Among the schools benefiting from this charitable team-up are Dolores National High School and San Julian Elementary School of Eastern Samar; Alang-Alang Central Elementary School and the Dulag SPED Center of Leyte; and Carlo Lopez National High School of Iloilo.

Philam Life, PFF, Kick Off

Left to right: Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer Jaime Jose Javier, Jr., Philam Foundation, Inc. President Max G. Ventura, Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Estelito G. Madrid ,Jr. with Philippine Football Federation President Mariano Araneta and General Secretary Ed Gastanes.

Aside from their projects which focus on rehabilitation and reconstruction, the PFF and Philam Life also recognize the value of community and teamwork. They are currently organizing the first ever PFF-Philam Life Football Festival to celebrate the irrepressible spirits of those who kept going despite incredible adversity.

The PFF-Philam Life Football Festival aims to develop local provincial football associations in select provinces. These associations will then host football tournaments for teams composed of children aged six to 12 years.

Its goal is to help promote and upgrade grassroots and youth football competitions in the country, and to encourage greater awareness and appreciation for the sport.

This generosity matchup between Philam Life and the PFF will help Filipinos, especially those facing adversity, score a healthier lifestyle and a happier disposition.

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