“I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.” This is one of people’s major regrets according to Bronnie Ware’s book, Top Five Regrets of the Dying. In the Philippines, due to our non-confrontational nature, we often bottle up our feelings. This is true at the home, at school, and especially at work. Often, it results in stress, tension between the parties involved, and worse, people walk away from relationships without discussing their emotions.

Veems, a social app dedicated to help people express their true feelings, recently released a feature called “Secret SMS.” The feature allows users to send free anonymous SMS to anyone in their phone’s contact, even if they are not on Veems. However, users can only send pre-loaded messages. The messages are categorized according to people’s most common emotions: miss, upset, regret, and of course, love. And yes, you can even send your “hugot” as an SMS!

Here’s how it works:

  • Veems Anonymous SMS

First, make sure you have Veems on your Android phone. Download it here. Or update if you’re already on Veems.

Sending an anonymous SMS via Veems builds up your courage “muscle” in expressing your feelings. It lifts weight off your chest knowing that you have somehow expressed what you truly feel to the other person. Iddo Goren, Veems CEO, hopes that “it would also encourage people to talk about how they feel with the other person in real life. But one step at a time. First, try sending a secret sms and see how that feels.”

Veems is becoming the new favorite social app in the Philippines. Soft launched in the Philippines in June 2015, it has now almost half a million users.

Veems is the social app that balances the public and private needs of people when it comes to online interaction. You’ll have the ability to chat privately with friends but also explore people from outside your social circle by following other users and joining public chats. And of course, with its anonymous options, you’ll have the freedom to go incognito when you want to take a break.

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