Sometimes, only a message whose sender is secret can do the job. Tell her how you really feel, anonymously. Make her wonder. Say sorry for that blunder. Let her know someone misses her.

You can’t do this on social media platforms where anyone can be put on spotlight. But one social media app allows such anonymity – Veems. It’s latest update allows a Veems user to send free anonymous SMS to his or her contacts. To prevent not very likable elements from abusing the feature, only pre-loaded messages (the most common emotions we usually feel) are allowed.

Here’s how it works:

  • Veems Anonymous SMS


Imagine telling someone how much you miss them, how much you love them, how sorry you are. Imagine receiving such messages. You’d wonder who’d care enough to do that. Maybe, over time, you’d start to have a clue on who’s got a crush on you?

The recipient of the anonymous message can reply, but she’ll never know who sent it unless you tell her. Unless you confess.

Veems Anonymous SMS

So go ahead. Download Veems now. Send someone you know (but who doesn’t know who you are) you a message that might lift her up or get her through the day. Remember, she doesn’t know you. She doesn’t have to. Unless you want to.

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