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The Age of Instant Gratification 

Instant gratification is defined as “the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment”. In other words, it’s the mindset which dictates that if you want something, you must have it now. Undeniably, this approach is most often displayed among millennials. This manifests itself...
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The Sweetest Success 

When faced with challenging circumstances or seemingly impossible choices, there are only two categorical responses: fight or flight. Almost every person in the world has experienced being at such a decisive moment. For Estela Belen, it was when her husband of 25 years suddenly died....
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Are we at the tail end? 

If one were to consult sellers, the probability of the benchmark PCOMP Index reaching “bottom” is low. So, the question remains, why are Foreign-domiciled funds still selling? The simple answer is: sellers are taking profit. Sellers are taking profit because they know that Philippine stocks...