MANILA, Philippines – Having been in the industry for almost two decades, property developer Suntrust Properties, Inc. understands all too well the importance of using superior construction materials in building sustainable horizontal and vertical residences. And this is why it has been banking on its construction partner James Hardie to deliver affordable, adaptive, and high-quality housing in master-planned and self-contained communities. Among its notable residential projects are Adriatico Gardens in Malate, Capitol Plaza in Quezon City, and Treetop Villas in Mandaluyong. Suntrust also led the revitalization of Sherwood Hills Golf and Country Club, which it further enhanced with the rise of the Sherwood Hills’ Riva Bella Residential Estates.

Mr. Isaias “Sonny” Berdin, Jr., VP-Operations, Suntrust Properties, Inc. poses with a scale model of Suntrust Asmara, one of their projects located in Quezon City.
Mr. Isaias “Sonny” Berdin, Jr., VP-Operations, Suntrust Properties, Inc. poses with a scale model of Suntrust Asmara, one of their projects located in Quezon City.

Durable, cost-efficient, and high-quality building products

Suntrust started using HardieFlex® fiber cement products, which matched the property developer’s durability and aesthetic requirements, more than 10 years ago. Suntrust observed that HardieFlex® building composites are sturdier and less susceptible to damage when compared to other construction materials such as plywood.

“When we used plywood for indoor partitions, there were times when a worker would accidentally hit the walls with his elbow or tools in the course of his work. You could see how easily plywood would get dented. In contrast, when the partitions are made of HardieFlex® boards, they are more resistant to damage,” shared Isaias “Sonny” D. Berdin Jr., VP-Operations, Suntrust Properties, Inc. Made from high-grade cellulose fiber, Portland cement, water, sand and especially formulated additives, HardieFlex® is durable and requires minimal maintenance and repair. And they’re easy to install, too.

HardieFlex® Ceilings, which are resistant to fire, termites, and moisture damage, address Suntrust’s durability issues in condominium projects such as Capitol Plaza and 88 Gibraltar. One advantage of having a strong partnership with James Hardie is that Suntrust is able to enjoy labor support such as installation workshops from the pioneer brand in fiber cement boards and custom-cutting of HardieFlex® boards based on Suntrust’s specified size.

“James Hardie offers convenience, ease of use, and after-sales support. We no longer have to face the challenge of having ill-fitting ceilings that ultimately delay the construction and turnover of houses to our home buyers. James Hardie helped make the installation process as seamless as possible, by cutting the HardieFlex® boards according to the size required. This has translated to significant time and labor savings,” said Berdin.

Consequently, Suntrust is able to shorten the lead-time for activities within the project scope, from 7 days to 3 days, so housing projects are completed within a short time span, and labor costs go down. And given the cost-efficiency of HardieFlex® building products, Suntrust is also able to offer competitive pricing for its housing.

In the specifications sheet given to prospective buyers of Suntrust homes, HardieFlex® is clearly indicated as one of the materials used. “Home buyers appreciate that. They’ve already heard of HardieFlex®–I mean, who hasn’t?—and they know that it would last a long time,” narrated Berdin.

Building a futuristic industrial park

Into building industrial parks, Suntrust intends to continue leveraging on HardieFlex® building products. The property developer is currently involved in the expansion of Suntrust Ecotown, a 200-hectare project in Tanza, Cavite, and it is once again banking on HardieFlex® building composite to transform the industrial park into a world-class lifestyle and commerce hub.

“Suntrust Ecotown is rapidly expanding, with new residential areas and commercial establishments up its sleeve. We are definitely looking forward to a fruitful long-term partnership with James Hardie as we work hand in hand towards creating sustainable workplaces, recreational amenities, and homes that embody Suntrust Chairman Andrew Tan’s ‘live, work, play’ philosophy,” said Berdin.


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