It is vital for data centers to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to ensure round-the-clock operations and business continuity. In response to this, Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, unveiled the new Galaxy VM, a new three-phase UPS that provides power protection as well as maximum energy efficiency.

The Galaxy VM is a highly efficient, easy to deploy, compact three phase power protection that seamlessly integrates into the electrical, physical and monitoring environments of customers operating medium data centers, industrial or facilities applications.

Galaxy VM is low cost and high efficiency through state of the art technology and the newly innovative ECOnversion mode

In typical double conversion mode, the Galaxy VM can operate up to 96.5% efficiency. But once it enters ECOnversion™ mode, that efficiency goes up to 99% even at low load levels. This makes the ROI of the Galaxy VM a projected 2 to 3 years if the average cost of electricity is at P10 per kilowatt hour.

Schneider Electric, Schneider Galaxy VM

“With up to 99% efficiency of the Galaxy VM, this translates to bigger savings in electrical and installation costs. It also provides reliable uninterrupted power that ensures your operations will not suffer from outages that will lead to financial and reputational losses,” said Doy Santos (below), Country IT Business Unit Head of Schneider Electric Philippines.

Schneider Electric, Schneider Galaxy VM, Doy Santos

Doy Santos (Country IT Business Unit Head, Schneider Electric)

Galaxy VM has great physical design

Fans on the front panel for a more efficient internal cooling system, top and bottom cable entry, and an earthquake ready system, and wheels underneath for easier transport, are also among the improvements that Schneider has implemented on the Galaxy VM.

Schneider Electric, Schneider Galaxy VM

“The Galaxy VM meets full compliance to international seismic standards of the International Building Code of 2012 and the California Building Code of 2013 (This is chosen since this is where the San Andreas fault is located.) The all-steel enclosures meet IBC Zone 2 seismic rating, which means that within typical buildings, the Galaxy VM would function before and after seismic activity.” Yam Hong, Business Development Manager – East Asia.

Galaxy VM is scalable 

After the initial set-up of one Power Cabinet and one I/O cabinet, additional power cabinets can be installed without the need of filling up the second Power Cabinet. Each Power Cabinet comprise of 12 batteries, and the second Power Cabinet can have just 1 battery to start, depending on the need.

Schneider Electric, Schneider Galaxy VM

Galaxy VM allows monitoring

With its 7-inch color touch-screen display, integrated network management capability for easy access to the network, integrated battery monitoring capability, customizable dry contacts and relays, the Galaxy VM also links in with your facility monitoring systems and smart grid requirements and offers both traditional and modular energy storage flexibility that allows tailoring of the solution to specific needs.

Schneider Electric, Schneider Galaxy VM, Yam Hong

Yam Hong (Business Development Manager – East Asia; Critical Power and Cooling Services, Schneider Electric)

Galaxy VM is space saving

The Galaxy VM features top and bottom cable entry without the need for an additional side cabinet, full front service access, back to the wall installation. And it can cover as little as 1 sqm.

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