Samsung may not have been the first to release a curved TV, but it surely wants to raise the stakes. Curved, check. High definition, more. Various sizes, yes please.


The result is indeed the world’s first Curved Ultra High-Definition TV – that’s four times the resolution of Full HD, at 3840 by 2160 pixels.


Jan Roman, Head of Samsung TV & AV Product Marketing, walks the audience through the features of the Curved UHD TV. 

Samsung also addressed something I noticed on curved TVs – the edges are just that, curved, and so you’re aware of the gimmick. Not so with the Samsung Curved UHD TV – the images are almost 3D even though you’re not wearing 3D glasses. This allows even the curved edges to achieve some depth, so you cease to be aware of the curved edges while you’re watching. But all this is from the experiential side; the proper feature lexicon is Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer UHD Technology.


Try to watch the Curved UHD TV with you facing the TV’s center, like I did, to get this 3D-like immersion. Anyway, the display is crisp and the moving images vivid, and the colors popping out but without nearing over-saturation.


Changik Choi, Business Manager for AV, Samsung Electronics Philippines.

All of these, of course, demonstrated using a favorite among large TV sets on display – a Transformers movie trailer with lots of movement, explosions, and pounding action.


This Curved TV features multilink screen – one side running a movie and another an app or a Web page. (Of course this feature is also available in the rest of the just launched 2014 TV line up.) Under the hood is a no slow down performance: the Quad Core Plus processor delivering fast loading, navigation through tasks and commands, and quick panel browsing for apps, multimedia content, and NewsOn features.


The Samsung Curved UHD Smart TV comes in 78″, 65″, and 55″ sizes, available in all Samsung outlets nationwide. The Curved UHD price range starts from P300k to P500k depending on series and size. The Flat (non-curved) UHD price (see below) starts from P150 to P400k depending also on series and size. By comparison the LG Gallery OLED TV comes in only 55″ screen size at sells for P450,000.00; meanwhile, the LG Curved OLED TV comes only in 60″ screen size and sells for P500,000.00.


At the Samsung Curved TV launch, Samsung also unveiled its 2014 product line up. This line up includes Smart TV’s that feature Screen Capture and Sound Capture (which can also be saved on USB drives) for later enjoyment, Soccer Mode (optimized sound and picture quality for sports videos), Click play (video on demand app with Hollywood content), and NewsOn page powered by Yahoo PH.


Samsung’s audio line up was no less robust, and this includes the ultra-slim HW-H600 Sound Stand, a complete audio system that wireless connects to your Smart TV (see below).


Samsung has been on a roll early this year, gaining early-year momentum with the launch of the Galaxy S5, and now the Curved UHD TV.


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