After introducing the world’s first ULTRA HD TV in August 2012, the world’s first CURVED OLED TV in April 2013, LG Electronics is now launching the world’s first OLED TV – the LG Gallery OLED TV (model 55EA8800). This 55 inch wonder is wall-mounted, like a prized painting in any home, and is now available locally.

Incredibly Slim
LG Gallery OLED TV Slim

The LG Gallery OLED TV comes with a wall mount, so it can “hide” as a painting in your living room. Now, your next DIY, if you’re buying this, is the canvass-looking set up housing the mount, to complete the TV-as-painting look.

Slimmer than your phone

The LG Gallery OLED TV is slimmer than Bam Amor‘s Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0.


The TV is incredibly slim – slimmer than an Android phone we held up against it. Its 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white subpixel to the standard RGB colors to noticeably increase color range and accuracy. Meanwhile, Infinite Contrast allows each pixel to control its own luminance, generating depth, tone, and contrast ration beyond normal measure.

  • LG Gallery OLED TV Display

    The LG Gallery OLED TV was showcased as a “painting” because it darn well looks as elegant as one.

  • DSCF7715

    The mount, thankfully, also bends down, in case you’re watching while sitting on the living room carpet.

  • LG Gallery OLED TV Wall Mount

    Superb audio is delivered by the LGCanvas Speaker located behind the canvas cover of the TV frame – two sets of speakers and two woofers deceptively hidden in that slim and minimalist frame.

  • LG sets three world's first in the realm of television technology

    LG sets three world’s first in the realm of television technology

  • LG Gallery OLED TV - LG Electronics

    A painting “inside” the TV. To highlight the Gallery OLED TV aspect as an electronic work of art, LG partnered with National Artist for Visual Arts (2006) Benedicto Cabrera – the LG Gallery OLED TV at the launch showcased paintings of BenCab “embedded” in the TV. These works of art can be accessed by buyers of the LG Gallery OLED TV, along with works of other timeless painters (Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Pierre-August Renoir) through the TV’s Gallery Mode.

Since some of the best action films are more appreciated on a large display, the LG Gallery OLED TV is equipped with Absolute Motion Clarity – its response time is over 1,000 times faster than a LED TV’s; that’s blur-free, incredibly clear images and footage. I know so because we were watching Hansel and Gretel at the launch venue. In case you missed it, the viewing angles are spectacular.

For this much visual splendor, the LG Gallery OLED TV sells for SRP PHP 450,000.00.


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