Going out of town for summer vacation? Whether itโ€™s for an overseas or a local trip, there is a chance would want to bring some of your gadgets with you, to keep you connected to your loved ones, help you find your way around your destination, and capture all of your amazing experiences. To make sure you have all that you need to help you have the time of your life, keep in mind the following tips:

Starmobile UP Sense

1. Live light!

You have heard this many times before – pack a small but flexible capsule wardrobe and choose miniatures of your grooming essentials when you travel. Excess baggage fees are no fun at all, plus, you would want to leave space in your luggage for your pasalubongs! Going minimalist applies to your technology too. While DSLRs are awesome, they arenโ€™t the easiest to lug around when youโ€™re going from one place to another. If youโ€™re aiming for convenience but still want to get a lot of Instagrammable material, a slim and sleek smartphone that takes great photos – similar to the Starmobile UP Sense (Php 4,290) with its 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras โ€“ is the way to go. It has a fingerprint sensor that can let you access the camera instantly so you will be ready to snap in an instant. While other slim smartphones tend to have batteries of only 2,000mAh or less, the UP Sense is equipped with a 2500 mAh battery, giving you more juice to last you through your day.

Starmobile PLAY-Lite-2

2. Do your research.

Many who travel internationally have made it a practice to check on their destinationโ€™s power outlets and voltages, to ensure they would get to charge their devices once they get to their accommodation. However, with all the things that they have to prepare for, many travelers forget to research on a countryโ€™s cellular bands to make sure their mobile gadgets are compatible. Having a smartphone like the 5-inch Starmobile PLAY LiTE (Php 3,990) can help a lot, as it supports 700Mhz LTE and is Triband 3G compatible, optimizing your chances of getting great connection even while on the go. With its 8MP rear camera with flash and 5MP front camera that takes clear photos and HD videos, its power-efficient 3000mAh battery that is bigger than what is usually found in other 5-inch smartphones, and its quad core multi-tasking processor great for playing games and surfing the web, the PLAY LiTE is a smartphone perfect for travelers.

Starmobile Engage-Aura

3. Check whether your devices are built for movement.

If youโ€™re a student or a young professional who needs to bring your laptop with you when you travel, you might want to check if your device can withstand a lot of movement. PCs with solid state drives (SSD) have no moving parts, making them better equipped than those with hard disk drives to preserve your data and protect them from being physically corrupted. The Starmobile ENGAGE Aura (Php 9,990) is one good example of this. A slim and light14-inch Windows 10 laptop that has a 7 hours video time and 8.75 days standby time, it enables you to do serious work (should you need to) or enjoy HD movies and games while on the bus or on the plane.

These are only some of the devices perfect for summer that you can find at www.starmobile.ph/shop. Until April 16, 2017, Starmobile is offering 5% discount coupons for purchases of any smartphone, ENGAGE Aura, and ENGAGE tablet, as well as Starcube Digital TV box, from its online store. No minimum purchase is required.ย Learn more by visiting Starmobileโ€™s official online accounts, facebook.com/starmobilephones, instagram.com/happymanph, twitter.com/happymanph, and www.starmobile.com.ph.

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