Global leader in verification solutions, recently revealed its new and improved myTrueProfile page, in its bid to accelerate career prospects overseas and aid its applicants in securing coveted jobs abroad. Fresh graduates and young professionals can now build a shareable, online digital resume, where all their credentials are verified.

Reinforcing’s commitment to helping qualified professionals around the world pursue their dream careers, the myTrueProfile page acts as a free digital resume, where applicants can upload verified career information. The platform serves as a search engine for both domestic and international employers to browse through and contact potential, verified hires.

While allowing applicants to receive information about job opportunities, the updated myTrueProfile page also lets users upload authenticated documents, or “TrueProofs” of their identity, job experience, education, licenses, certificates of good standing, and professional references on their profiles. When their myTrueProfile pages are shared publicly, applicants can either share their portfolios directly with employers or showcase it on their LinkedIn accounts.

“The advent of new technology, particularly social media, makes human resource practices more efficient and convenient for organizations and applicants all over the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a stronger demand for qualified healthcare professionals across the globe, we see online, verified recruitment as the best solution for frontline hospitals and healthcare institutions looking to fast-track their recruitment of medical staff and safeguard their communities in this challenging time.”’s Head of Business, Alejandro Coca, said.

Another added function of the new page is that it allows applicants to indicate their preferred location of work, where overseas employers can browse applicants based on their willingness to relocate. The service allows applicants to upload scans of documents on the site itself, and request to verify the document through their Primary Source Verification solutions in order to add the credentials to his or her page.

“At, we are in the business of making sure that hires are based on merit. We believe that if you have earned your credentials, then the new myTrueProfile page is the perfect platform to promote your experience and training, especially for Filipinos who wish to work abroad.” Coca added.

The myTrueProfile page is designed to be an applicant’s companion throughout their professional life. Every new skill, experience in a new area, or work towards a new qualification, enables them to add it to the platform and allows candidates to make the move for their dream careers abroad.

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