We may have just found an Uber/Grab “replacement”: behind the MiCab ride-sharing app are taxi operators PNTOA and ATOMM and their combined 20,000-strong fleet of cabs. MiCab, which has been operating in Iloilo and Cebu for the last two years, tries to improve upon the GrabTaxi model, which uses app-enabled ride-booking and existing taxi fleets (which doesn’t burden the road with added cars). Now you can get a cab during rush hour with low booking fee and zero price surge. In the future, MiCab plans to add a 1-push emergency button for passengers on their app. 

MiCab, ATOMM, PNTOA, Bong Suntay, ride-sharing app

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has suspended the release of new licenses for Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS, or vehicle owners who provide services via mobile applications like Uber and Grab).

This move will drastically reduce the number of licensed TNVS vehicles available to Metro Manila commuters. The Grab and Uber apps on your phone still work, but you’ll compete for the small number of drivers available. Enter MiCab. 

Two of the country’s largest taxi associations, PNTOA (Philippine National Taxi Operators Association) and ATOMM (Association of Taxi Operations in Metro Manila), have signed an agreement with MiCab, a Cebu-based technology startup, to offer a solution to Metro Manila traffic.

MiCab, ATOMM, PNTOA, Bong Suntay, ride-sharing app
Left to right: Pablo Sarmiento (ATOMM Vice President), Eddie Ybanez (MiCab Founder), Atty. Bong Suntay (PNTOA President), and David Vacher (MiCab Senior Advisor).

MiCab has a low booking fee and ZERO price surge, uses existing taxi fleets without adding more cars on the road, and partners with premium local taxi fleet operators.

Some of the MiCab app’s unique features include

  • a proprietary call and chat system between passenger and driver
  • built-in customer support ticketing system with human interaction
  • credit/debit card options for payment
  • passenger reward system
  • an electronic wallet for payment
  • loyalty points for the driver
  • and in the future, a 1 push emergency button for passengers (for passengers, especially women, who may feel threatened during their trip with a MiCab driver).

MiCab aims to create an ecosystem for passengers, drivers, and taxi companies that emphasizes safety, reliability, affordability, and convenience. 

For friendly and safe rides on demand, download the MiCab app via www.micab.co or contact +63 917 533 5755, and emailinfo@micab.co. #SaferBetterRide

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