“Fashion Evolution,” a fashion show cum runway model search, directed by Choy Suarez and hosted by Metro Blogger, the Philippines’ newest social circle for bloggers around the metro, was recently held at the Century City Mall. All 44 finalists of the runway model search took part in the fashion show and showcased the collections especially made for this event by some of the country’s leading up-and-coming designers.

“We are enthralled by the collection made by our partner fashion designers for the models of Fashion Evolution as they have captured the essence of the show with their own interpretation of it,” says Mr. Jess C., founder of Metro Blogger. “Fashion Evolution is a celebration of talent and we are very proud to have collaborated with these distinguished fashion designers,” he added.

Dino Bancoro


Dino Bancoro’s designs are inspired by his fascination with the future, graffiti, and robotics. His collection called DinoX is all about incorporating the mystifying and colorful graffiti fused with the futuristic and flashy robotic style into edgy, lux and comfortable clothes. In addition, Dino describes his sports-lux streetwear masterpieces as cool, fresh, young and edgy. A visionary, Dino wants to build an empire and become a leader in the fashion industry and he quotes, “Stop Dreaming. Do something to reach that dream.”

Charles Anito


“Always think big,” says Charles Anito, as he recalls the spark that started his fiery passion for fashion: the sketches of clothes he made on pieces of paper during his childhood days. He pursued his dream and established his own brand, Charles Anito Homme and Femme. His Homme collection Coup D’etat is inspired by his fondness for abstract art, luxury cars, music, hip-hop, and house while his Femme collection, Chromio Assault, is inspired by modernity and sophistication as influenced by his father and his admiration for luxury cars. The colors he used for this collection are based on his fascination for Korean Pop Culture (K-Pop) . Being known for designs that are bold and crazy, Charles focuses on wildly theatrical, boldly masculine aesthetics, and aims to master new design techniques.

Jian Lasala


Jian Lasala ‘s design philosophy is to remain simple. At an early age, his family—especially his mom—encouraged him to pursue fashion design. His Fashion Evolution collection called Sunset is inspired by streamlined sunbeams and the playful colors in the sky during sunset. Jian’s creations emphasize elegance and simplicity. The minimalist design of his collection aims to highlight male and female sensuality. Jian’s following can surely expect an ever-evolving design aesthetic that defies mediocracy.

Ian Mallabo


Ian Mallabo gets his inspiration from the nation’s ethnicity mixed with the rigid military form to create one-of-a kind masterpieces. His collection, the Ian Mallabo Couture, features elegant and classy cutout pieces. With his dedication for his work, Ian aims to be known internationally and be at par with established companies. Asked to share his words of wisdom to would-be fashion designers, Ian says, “Follow your heart and follow your dreams.”

Yves Camingue


With a constant pursuit to outdo himself, Yves takes challenge in always being better in his aesthetic designs. His featured collection, Plaza Karnataka, shows the radically unusual and mysterious incantations symbolizing ancient India. This collection shows playful renditions of classical Indian colors and sleek lines to fit a glam sportswear. The philosophy of Plaza Karnataka is a combination of fun and function with a hint of provocation. He advises future designers to follow their own style and to keep in mind the 3 Es: Exert Extra Effort.

Hanna Delos Reyes


It was Hanna’s fondness of sewing and creating little masterpieces for her dolls at the age of six that pushed her to pursue a career in fashion design. Her philosophy is to design functional, comfortable pieces while maintaining a classy and elegant aesthetic design. Especially tailored for each client, Hanna’s creations are inspired by the people she meets to boost their confidence through the clothes that she designs. Like her, she encourages designers-in-the-making to allow their passion to drive them as they master their craft. “Never make your design just about you but use it to help others,” she says. Her collection showcased at the Fashion Evolution called Touch of Grace is inspired by Hanna’s God-centeredlife. Starting with nude tones that represent innocence, she plays around with representing sin using black getups and then ends the collection with white elegant pieces representing God’s grace.

Metro Blogger made history with the success of its first Fashion Evolution through the unwavering support of its partners and the outstanding talent of these fashion designers whose masterpieces continue to showcase and empower world-class Filipino designs.

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