“Made to Fit” is a Samsung digital appliances musical featuring Bruno Mars hits, and starring a couple whose relationship lasts because their needs and desires fit.

New couple RJ (Topper Fabrigas) and Sam (Shiela Valderama-Martinez) sing Bruno Mars songs to set the mood for their evolving relationship – from having just become independent, to getting married and moving in together, to expecting their first born. In between the singing, the convenience of Samsung appliances – microwave, airconditioner, refrigerator, and washing machine – are casually highlighted.

It’s like watching Glee, with product endorsements.

Samsung appliances can meet the evolving needs of diverse Filipino families. One of the appliances highlighted is the Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine with ActivDualWash, below.

The WA167J washing machine

  • has a dedicated sink, washboard, and waterjet, so that pre-treating laundry is easier, and helps reduce back pains
  • features Wobble Technology, which creates powerful vertical wash motions to prevent clothes from tangling
  • has a Magic Dispenser that uses a propeller to dissolve detergent in the dispenser and spread it evenly
  • boasts of a Magic Filter located at the water level that traps the lint, fluff and particles coming out of the clothes during washing