Since its establishment in 2012, Fujifilm Philippines Inc.’s innovative products and people-first approach has helped the company achieve a 20-30% increase in sales year on year in various segments of Electronic Imaging, Graphic Systems, and Medical Systems. No longer just a photo company, Fujifilm has served both its consumers and its employees with high quality products. Fujifilm Philippines celebrated their 5th anniversary in a party held last October 25, 2017 at the Manila Polo Club, Forbes Park, Makati City. Besides Fujifilm executives and employees, dealers, Fuji X Ambassadors, and members of the media were present.

Fujifilm Philippines 5th Anniversary
Numerous Intax and X-A3 cameras were raffled off at the event.
Fujifilm Philippines 5th Anniversary
Fujifilm PH at 5. The celebration was held at the Marco Polo Club, Forbes Park, Makati City last October 25, 2017.

“We are pleased to reach 5 years and this is largely thanks to our users and partners, in particular those whom we have started relationships with in the early days. Fujifilm will continue to develop innovative products and Fujifilm Philippines will continue to communicate its value appropriately, effectively, and provide technical support,” said Fujifilm Philippines President Tomoyuki Fukura.

Fujifilm Philippines President Tomoyuki Fukura
Fujifilm Philippines President Tomoyuki Fukura.


Here are some of the more recent and memorable product launches of Fujifilm Philippines:


Fujifilm has created a strong and honest relationship with its consumers:

  • Through various local sevice points, Fujifilm Philippines’s lead time for repairs is faster than other photo-imaging brands.
  • The company’s emphatic product service specialists have created an environment conducive for consumers to give valuable product and service feedback. Valuable data from feedback benefit R&D and pave the way for innovation.

“Purchase of product is not an end of our activity but a start of our relationship,” Fukura said.

Fujifilm Philippines 5th Anniversary
Bosa nova singer Sitti Navarro serenades the night away at the Fujifilm Philippines’ 5th anniversary party.

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