With this Job Fair, FastJobs hopes to adopt a more community/grassroots approach and to educate the community on the perks of online job search. For example, scheduling job interviews in advance and applying more efficiently with one time profile set up instead of having to manually write job application forms and going door to door to look for job opportunities.

This Job Fair allow FastJobs to kickstart the momentum of our foray into the Philippines, and with our focused investment to build up our presence in the Philippines, we want to continue to engage all levels of stakeholders to bring more job opportunities to the masses and continue to be the Champion for the Blue Collar Workforce.

At the JobFair, FastJobs showcased:
o 10 Employers with over 200 Jobs
o All jobs will be available on FastJobs in advance to Jobseekers and they can apply before the job fair to secure interviews onsite
o Educate and assist Jobseekers on their resumes and interview procedures to improve their chances of getting hired faster!

“FastJobs is a really big help because you can see everything there. If you are looking for job, you can send your resume to the company through the app and you don’t need to walk in anymore.” – Norman Jr F. Radam 20, Jobseeker, BS Hospitality Management Graduate

Attendees of this Job Fair include Notable Distinguished Guests, which includes the following Senators and Employers (not in any specific order):

Senators :
o Samira Gutoc-Tomawis
o Romulo Macalintal
o Erin Tañada

o LBP Manpower Agency
o Maria Manpower
o Topserv
o Go Salads
o Footsafe
o Fruitas and more

With FastJobs in the Philippines, our online jobs platform will provide equal access of job opportunities for everyone. FastJobs connect Jobseekers with Employers through a HR Tech platform with rich features developed specifically for employees, to improve and shortened the hiring cycle.

Some of the notable features include:
o FastChat: In App chat to improve efficiency in communications and safety for jobseekers and employers
o Interview Scheduler: Built in reminder to reduce missing interviews
o Machine Learning: FastJobs will learn jobseeker behaviour over time and show more relevant jobs.

With FastJobs’ foray into the Philippines, we hope to:
o Connect jobseekers with job opportunities which need them the most
o To improve the lives of everyday Filipinos
o To improve Philippines’ economy by improving job matching between

Jobseekers and Employers How FastJobs Works

FastJobs is a re-imagination of the ultimate hiring platform, built for speed and efficiency with mobile-first innovations such as FastChat, Resume Builder and Group Broadcast Capabilities. This helps Employers save time and resources to hire fast.

Employers have access to a web-based dashboard to manage candidates and job applications, as well as analytics to hire more effectively. With FastChat, they save time and avoid missed connections with jobseekers through our instant messaging feature.

Jobseekers simply need to download the FastJobs App, register and they can start submitting their job applications. With FastJobs’ easy-to-use features, it is a quick and simple process for Jobseekers to apply for jobs.

The FastJobs mobile app is now available for download in the Philippines at the Android Play store and Apple App store.

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