Graduation is a milestone in one’s life. Celebrate that moment with Lenovo’s impressive line up of high-performing PCs that allow the Graduates Class of 2016 to be more connected, empowered, creative, and productive.

Graduation Gift Guide (PC)

Multimedia powerhouse for high-achieving millennials

With the Lenovo ideapad 500, millennials—tech-savvy, creative, and daring young individuals—can achieve more through technology. The ideapad 500 is powered by Intel’s newest sixth generation Intel Core i CPU for a wide variety of demanding programs and applications. It also comes with JBL Speakers enriched with Dolby Advanced Audio, as well as an Intel RealSense 3D camera for unparalleled audio-visual communications.

Users can make the most out of their time and laptop battery with the ideapad 500, which comes in 14-inch or 15.6-inch models powered by Intel Core i3, i5, and i7. The new Intel processors that power this laptop are faster and more efficient—an ideal combination for maximum productivity. And energy-efficiency doesn’t have to mean poor quality graphics: the ideapad 500 is ready for a graphics card boost to allow users to easily and quickly edit photos, create high-quality movies, and play graphics-intensive games.

Those who buy an ideapad 500 for their graduating loved ones can also get a free powerbank to energize a truly modern, mobile lifestyle.

Amplifying ideas can be affordable with Lenovo

The class of 2016 is a generation constantly on the move, which makes Lenovo’s ideapad line-up perfect for their fast-paced lifestyle. The Lenovo ideapad 500s, a 14-inch ultralight model with a 180-degree screen for flexible sharing, is a portable office or study buddy. Packed with a full high-resolution display, a fast and reliable Intel Core i processor, and Windows 10 OS, this laptop is an all-around companion for busy millennials.

Your graduate will also love the 14-inch ideapad 100 and 15.6-inch ideapad 300, which offer a variety of features designed for fast, smooth, and convenient use whenever, wherever. The Lenovo ideapad 100 runs up to 4 hours without plugging in so users can work, browse online, watch videos, and do more with minimal interruption. Measuring just 20.2 mm thin for the 14-inch variant, the thin and sleek Lenovo ideapad 100 ups the standard in entry-level laptops. The Lenovo ideapad 300 has everything the graduate needs to surf the web at lightning speeds and stream online media. It allows listening to the latest music, watching movies, and playing online games at up to three times faster speed than regular laptops, plus it provides users a personal home theater with its Dolby® audio and advanced graphic cards from AMD and NVDIA®.

These ideapads are affordable investments that can change the game for students and young professionals.

Gamers will definitely enjoy the 15-inch ideapad Y700, which offers an unparalleled gaming experience as it boasts quad-core power, JBL® Speakers and Dolby® Home Theater™ for great audio, and high definition frameless displays with IPS Anti-Glare feature.

Optimum portability, flexibility, adaptability, and affordability

For the graduate who wants to achieve more, the Lenovo Yoga Series offers the best tools for empowerment what with their superior adaptability and a wide-range, anti-glare multitouch displays. These models live up to their name and offer optimum flexibility through four modes: Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet. The Lenovo Yoga Series include the 11-inch Yoga 300, the 14-inch Yoga 500, and the 13-inch Yoga 900.

Both the 11-inch Yoga 300 and 13-inch Lenovo Yoga 500 offer a full Windows 10 computing experience. With the Lenovo Yoga 300’s 500GB storage and up to Intel® Pentium Quad Core Processor, and the Lenovo Yoga 500’s storage that can go up to 1TB and up to Intel® Core™ i7 processors, users can handle tasks with zero lag for blazing performance.

The Lenovo Yoga 900, weighing just 2.8 lbs and having a thickness of just 0.59”, turns heads with its thin, elegant, and functional design. Offering a full Windows 10 computing experience, up to 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors, and 256GB of storage space, Lenovo Yoga 900 is also a powerful workstation as it is an entertainment hub.

Desktop power for creative productivity at home

The graduate’s study or work area at home can also get a Lenovo boost with the powerful ideacentre desktops. Whether they are creating, researching, or rewarding themselves with immersive gaming experiences, Lenovo has them covered.

The Lenovo ideacentre H300S comes with a powerful Celeron-DC G1840 processor that delivers great performance for a wide range of computing tasks and activities. The ideacentre Q200, on the other hand, comes with VeriFace Face Recognition Technology, TV Tuner, and OneKey Recovery, as well as sleek design elements including a wireless keyboard and mouse, and a small-form factor.

Powerful All-in-One Desktops

The Lenovo ideacentre AIO 300 proves that everything users want in a computer can come in a single, neat package. Powered by cutting-edge processors, ultra-sharp displays, and amazing stereo sound, the AIO 300 comes in different sizes to suit different budgets and needs. The Intel processor-powered 20-inch, 22-inch, and 23-inch models pack a punch in terms of style, storage and memory. The ideacentre AIO 300 is a great entertainment powerhouse for the graduate deserving of an equally great reward.

Pricing and Availability

The ideapad 500 starts at Php 49,995. Those who buy an ideapad 500 for their graduating loved ones can also get a free powerbank to energize a truly modern, mobile lifestyle.

Pricing for the Lenovo ideapad 500s, ideapad 100, and ideapad 300 starts at Php 37,995, Php18,995, and Php 15,995 respectively. The Lenovo Yoga 300 and Lenovo Yoga 500 starts at Php22,995 and Php28,495, and the Lenovo YOGA 900 starts at Php78, 995.

The ideacentre H300s, ideacentre Q200, and ideacentre AIO 300 starts at Php 15,490, Php 14,990, and Php 37,990 respectively.

The Lenovo laptop, desktop, and all-in-one computers are available nationwide at Lenovo stores and authorized resellers.

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