ChargerLeash is pleased to announce the extension of its Generation 2 Pro Series product line with a 2-in-1 Micro USB and Apple Lightning charging cable to consumer technology leaders at International CES 2015.

The 2-in-1 charge and sync device eliminates the hassle of tracking multiple cables and was introduced on the global stage for tech innovation January 6-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the International CES trade show with its 160,000 plus attendees, and more than two million square feet of exhibit space. ChargerLeash returns to the premier consumer tech proving ground – this time introducing a single cable that works with both Androids and IOS devices – one cable with two connectors.

Retailing for $34.99, the new product will be available for sale in retail outlets at airports in major cities throughout the U.S., South America and Canada later this year.

“The 2-in-1 offers another way for busy people to simplify life,” said Brian A. Tedesco, founder and president of JSN Holdings LLC and inventor of the ChargerLeash. “By leashing portable devices to their chargers, there’s no chance of leaving technology behind. It’s the ultimate ‘forget-me-not.’”

Its new features include a flat cable design, longer cable lengths – 4-foot for Apple devices including the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus, and 6-foot for non-Apple devices using Micro connectors.

Chargerleash Sync-Smart-2-in-1 header
Chargerleash Sync-Smart-2-in-1 header

The new generation also features a “snooze” option that can silence the alarm by simply pressing down on the speaker box. This is especially useful if you are at home or in your office and would prefer not to reconnect your device or remove the charger from the AC outlet, Tedesco said.

“Now you can simply depress the top of the speaker box to silence it,” he said. “The next time you connect your device or unplug your charger, ChargerLeash automatically goes back into travel or alarm mode.”

The ChargerLeash 2-in-1 cable fits Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows-based smartphones and is compatible with most mobile devices including tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders. MFI certified, ChargerLeash is the only product on the market with an alarm to avoid the dreaded “forgotten charger.”

ChargerLeash is patented and marketed by JSN Holdings, a U.S.-based technology solutions company. The product reflects JSN’s commitment to innovations for the electronic age.

ChargerLeash is available for distribution and purchase through local, independent retailers of consumer electronics and accessories. For more information, please visit the ChargerLeash website.

Chargerleash Sync-Smart-2-in-1 header
Chargerleash Sync-Smart-2-in-1 header