Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh review


Often out of stock at Lazada.com.ph, the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh is almost a collector’s item. If you got one through a Lazada flash sale, which doesn’t happen often, you’re lucky to have a reliable, handy, original Xiaomi mobile charger.

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Fake Mi power banks, because of the original’s local unavailability, are as easy to acquire and also just as easily disappoint – they run out of power fast, or they charge slowly, or they don’t charge at all.

How to Spot a Fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 mah

Fake Xiaomi power banks look nearly exactly like the original, down to the transparent plastic case. But how to tell them apart? Here’s one sure way that I know of: test for a pass through feature. The original can charge your phone while the power bank itself is being charged.

A genuine Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh can charge power-hungry tablets and phablets, like the LG G3

The Good

  • P645.00 at Lazada.
  • Handy, ergonomic, pocketable.
  • Minimalist, intuitive design.
  • Charges even power-hungry flagship phones, phablets, tablets.

A bank of power banks. Above-left: the Ekopak 13000 mAh Power Bank. Above, top to bottom: the ASUS ZenPower, the Xiaomi Mi power bank 10400 mAh, and the Yoobao Master M4.

The Maybe Bad

  • Seldom available at Lazada.
  • Non-availability means some will prefer to buy often available power banks like the Yoobao 10400 mAh or Ekopak 13000 mAh.
  • Many consumers can’t tell a fake when they see one.
  • Pass through feature testing nearly impossible when buying in stores, stalls, or at Divisoria.
  • Faces competition from a slightly smaller, higher output (2.4A), competitively priced ASUS ZenPower, which also has the same pass through feature.

Mi on Mi. The Xiaomi Mi power bank 10400 mAh charging the Xiaomi Redmi 2 (quick review in the works).


If you can get a genuine Xiaomi Mi power bank 10400 mAh, most likely from a Lazada flash sale, do so. It’s reliable – it’s been my go-to charger since I got tired of lugging around that heavy Ekopak. But again, beware of fakes.


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