MicroAd BLADE aims for better ROI for online advertisers


In an era when companies of all sizes are looking to stand out from the din, it has become increasingly difficult to do so. As new channels have opened up online and through social media, brands have been aiming to communicate directly with their target audiences in order to maximize their advertising and marketing budgets.

With that in mind, a new platform has been made available to address these needs. MicroAd BLADE, a Japanese demand-side platform (DSP) with one of Japan’s largest sales shares, is now present in the Philippines with the aim of unlocking the power of e-commerce and giving it to marketers and advertisers.

Currently catering to over 6,000 advertisers and established in Japan in 2007, MicroAd uses a technique of delivering appropriate advertisements by analyzing users’ preferences based on their behavioral tendencies including websites visited and words searched.

“We at MicroAd, Inc. have developed a system of reaching specific audiences through the analysis of user behavior and tendencies when going online,” notes Kosuke Sogo, MicroAd Philippines CEO. “This particular platform, MicroAd BLADE, coordinates with several international ad exchanges and server-side platforms to maintain ad spaces with approximately 70 billion impressions per month.”

Local advertisers know how critical it is to get their message across as more and more options have been pulling at the attention spans of the increasingly discerning masses. MicroAd BLADE can be used not just by big companies, but even small and medium-scale entrepreneurs to find out if their campaigns are effective and/or translating into good return of investments.

MicroAd Southeast Asia Principals(L-R) Mr. Kentaro Watanabe, CEO MicroAd Japan;
Ms. Mio Matsumoto, APAC PR Director, MicroAd Southeast Asia;
Farah Poole-Johnson, Director MicroAd Philippines;
Kosuke Sogo, CEO MicroAd Philippines

“The MicroAd BLADE platform will allow local advertisers to manage their advertisements using a single management screen that anyone can use with ease,” Sogo says. “Use of MicroAd BLADE will allow a company to automatically purchase ad spaces from multiple ad networks through a real-time bidding (RTB) system that is linked with the ad destination”

Though several companies and brands have been using social media for advertising purposes, MicroAd BLADE is actually an even more easy-to-use system as far as tracking effectiveness of ads and if they are hitting the intended audiences.

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